Monday, March 1, 2010

Chillin' in the living room

Skeletor is trying to win beauty pageants with this one.

He could care less about the various toys we got him... but this raggedy old hat on the other hand!

To him, it is a special treat.

It's funny how involved his paws are when he's playing with chewables.

How prim and proper!


  1. he is just so precious!!
    you know me and my husband like to go to the thrift stores and buy thier stuff toys instead of going to like petsmart. its so much cheaper. just a tip =)most of the time they are like 80 cents and lower.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely check out the thrift store circuit. The petsmart toys are just crazy 'spensive!

  3. We featured you on our blog today - We are glad Skeltor is improving, you are good people to help him. No doggie or kitty deserves to be treated badly. Sending purrs your way!

  4. Thanks for the link! We've added you as one of Skelly's friends. :)

  5. We read about you over at ButterBean's blog. We are so glad you have found the love of a wonderful human, Skeletor.

  6. Thank you both for helping out this poor dog. I wil feature you on my Facebook page - have you got would be a good way to get more exposure!

  7. Back again - you can make your own version of Pedialye - go here for the recipe!

  8. I give woo my fluffy tail up seal of approval fur THOSE paws!

    Well done!


  9. ooh we really love your bloggy

    hmm what does that tast like?

    El'bow & Hauwii

  10. Hi, Wes's mom here ,Wes is probably working right now but just so ya know Skeletor has his own facebook page too.!/pages/Jacksonville-FL/HelpSkeletor/317436999631?ref=nf

    Not sure if I did that right. If not look it up under "Helpskeletor"

    Thank you all for your help and support. Skeletor will need A FOREVER home when he gets please keep spreading the word about him.He should be VERY well trained by then! :)

  11. DOH! How did I miss that ? lol Nevermind. Mom is apparently senile :)

  12. He is just looking fantastic!
    So happy!

    You know it's always the really cheap toys or the free ones, like things we call "trash" that they love the most.

  13. I just now added the facebook fan box, Mom. That may explain how you missed it. This one you don't have to blame on senility ;)

  14. We are glad to see that woofies enjoy unusual toys, just like we do!

  15. He looks so comfortable and happy!

  16. Hi

    Awwwww sometimes it's the least expected things that four legged furry creatures go for. I could spend so much on kitty toys but all my old girl wants to do is play with a bit of string!

    Skelly is looking so happy and making such wonderful progress in your care. It really is such a joy to be part of his journey.

    Great stuff!


  17. He's already looking so great! I'm glad things are working out.

  18. I love his eyes!

    I'm sad to think when Skelly goes to his forever home. Will you keep up on him and let us know how he's doing?

    I'll see if I can find him on facebook. I don't go by sprinkles on there though so you might not know it's me.

  19. Wow he is looking so happy! And he is doing so well! It is very exciting to know he is getting better and can hopefully find a wonderful forever home! We keep seeing him everywhere (we have a link at our place too!)

  20. Why cant you keep him? We all want to be friends with him for a long time.

  21. Please give him a big hug and kiss from his biggest fan in California! It's times like this I really curse my studio apartment and the strict 'no pets' clause that goes along with it. Sigh.

  22. I think he likes the hat 'cause it smells like his peeps!
    Mom wants to give Skeletor a big ol kiss!

  23. Fenris will turn anything into a toy. One toy I do recommend is a Kong. We got Fenris both the Kong & the Wubba when he first came to live with us a year ago and he still has both and he still loves to play with both of them.
    I know Petsmart has them but we got them at a local feed store much cheaper.

    Most of the stuffies don't last a day here. ~AFSS


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