Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another starved pup hopes for a second chance

Thanks to notanillusion for sending this link.

Patrick was starved to the point that he could not bear his own weight, then put in a garbage bag and tossed down a trash chute. (how can people do such evil things!?)

Fortunately, a custodian noticed the moving trash bag and Patrick may have a chance at recovery.

If anybody in the NJ area, please consider adopting Patrick!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Springtime fun awaits!

Skeletor has been doing quite well. He's been spending longer than 30 seconds at a time outside. This must be because of the amazing weather!

This week is Skelly's follow up visit to the vet after his final heartworm injection! I'm guessing this means they are going to test his blood and xray his heart and lungs to make sure the nasty jerks are gone for good. I'm sure this will also mean that we start him on regular doses of heartworm preventative. (which all dog owners should do! :)

Mel and I are hoping that we can start taking Skeletor out on walks and to beaches and parks now that he's finished with his heartworm treatment.

He still coughs in the mornings. He pants a lot and tires easily. He's big and strong though, and full of youthful vitality and energy!

So without further ado... SPRINGTIME ACTION PUP!! (click to enlarge!)