Sunday, October 23, 2011

Skeletor's oh, so clever methods of always getting his way

Always the innovator, our pal Skeletor never ceases to amaze. On the surface, he's a drooling, clumsy, mouth-breathing goof. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that he may be smarter than he lets on.

Skeletor is totally convinced that he's human, so it's only natural that he love, love, LOVES the couch! This is one of the few "no dogs allowed" zones in our house. Skeletor objects to this rule. Any time we're not paying attention, he's there. Sometimes he'll hop up there while I'm staring right at him. Usually he's more tactful though.

Usually when he's lounging about on the couch, he automatically slinks off the second one of us enters the room. Clearly he knows he's not allowed on the couch, but remains fundamentally opposed to the idea. As a deterrent, we have to put the lid of a giant plastic bin on the couch when we're not using it.

First, you should know that he's managed attain the freedom to roam the house at night instead of being confined to his kennel. Of course, you give him an inch, and he's going for the mile. Just being allowed free reign of the house, wasn't enough. Skelly then charmed his way into our bedroom where he would sleep next to the bed.

It's amazing what he can get away with thanks to those good looks!

Well, being very light sleepers, Mel and I quickly grew weary of Skelly's incessant night noises.

  • 12:15am: Skeletor decides to shake it off. His lips flap and clap about like the loud and sudden shuffling of cards. 
  • 12:47am: Skeletor locates a very tasty part of his body, and begins a 10 minute licking session.
  • 1:12am: Skeletor imagines he has peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth, and tries to lick it off. 
  • 2:24am: Skeletor in deep slumber, begins to snore like a couple of lumberjacks sawing down a tree. 
  • 4:01am: Skeletor decides to go for a drink in the kitchen. His nails tap tap tap the whole way there and back. 
  • 4:04am: Before curling back up, Skeletor feels the urge to shake it off once more. Que the veritable orchestra of lips slapping against each other. :)
  • 4:49am: More licking
  • 5:39am: Even more licking
  • 7:00am: Alarm goes off... people must get up and go to work, while Skeletor gets to continue his slumber.  

Needless to say, we decided he should stay out of the room, at least on work nights!

So, the other night, the new rule went into effect. Skeletor was exiled from the bedroom and was limited to the entire house for his nocturnal adventures.

I heard what sounded like skeletor pulling the bin lid off the couch and curling right up. I thought to myself, "no way he just did that." and I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I felt well-rested. When I entered the living room, my suspicions were confirmed. There he was curled up in the cushiony fruits of his diabolical labor.

Well, as my ability to out-smart this pup wanes, I can take solace in the fact that soon, he'll be smart enough to hold down a job and start to contribute around here!

Have a great week!