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Skeletor has come a long way

...and he's got a ways to go. His heart medicine seems to be working, but it's proving to be very expensive! Any help would be much appreciated!

 Skeletor on Day One:
Starved and Neglected

Skeletor Now-a-days:
A Happy Pup with a Bad Heart

If you would like to donate and help cover Skeletor's vet bills,
please make a paypal or credit card donation.

Any excess donations received will go to Pit Bull Rescue Central

To donate via credit card:
Simply click "Continue" where it says "Don't have a paypal account?"
Here's what the link looks like. It says "where available" so maybe it doesn't work in all areas?

To donate via check:
Please send an email to skeletor (at) fuelmultimedia (dot) com to request our snail mail address.

Thanks in advance for spreading the word and for any help you can provide so we can get this dog and others like him healthy again!

Check out Skeletor's Needs List