Helping Animals in Need

I have been contacting organizations like crazy trying to spread awareness, garner support, and gear up for what may be a very expensive life-saving surgery for Skeletor.

In order to say thank you, I'm listing them all here along with links to their respective websites. If you operate an animal rescue, please contact me (helpskeletor at and I'll be happy to list your website here.

A & S Rescue
A Rotta Love Plus
All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue
American Animal Hospital Association
American Pet Cross
American Pitbulls Advocacy Site
Angels 4 Animals
Animal Farm Foundation
Animal Friends Rescue Project
Annabelle's Second Chance Pitbull Rescue
Bad Rap - Bay Area Doglovers
Bama Bully Rescue
Bless the Bullys
Braveheart Pitbull Rescue
Bullseye Dog Rescue
Casa Del Toro Pitbull Rescue
Chako Pit Bull Rescue
Colorado Pit Bull Rescue
Dead Dog Walking Pitbull Rescue
Don't judge
East Tennessee Pit Bull Rescue
EveN Chance: pit bull advocacy, resources and rescue
Free Wisconsin Pit bull Rescue dog Listings
Fugee’s Rescue
Germantown Animal Health Center
Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue
It's the Pits
Luv a Bull
Mayday Pitbull Rescue
Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue
Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue
Midwest Rescue of Illinois
Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue
Missouri Pit Bull Rescue
New Hope Pit Bull Rescue
Our Pack Pitbull Rescue
Our Pitbulls
Out of the Pits
Pacific Northwest Pitbull Rescue
Paw Printz Pitbull Rescue
Pawsitively Pit Bull Rescue
Pit Bull Chat
Pit Bull Registry
Pit Bull Rescue San Diego
Pit Rescue of the Great Plains - Dogs for smart people
Ring Dog Rescue
Saint Francis Animal Hospital
Save-A-Bull Rescue
Shelter Angels
Smilin Pitbull Rescue
South Carolina Pit Bull Rescue
Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue
The Halfway House Pitbull Rescue
The Mosby Foundation
United Animal Nations
Valley of the sun dog rescue
Villalobos Rescue Center