Sunday, February 21, 2010

Found Dog: Malnourished Pit Bull

I was standing on my front porch Sunday morning when this friendly dog trotted up to me. I was hungry for breakfast, but I instantly lost my appetite when I saw how skinny he was.

He really weighs next to nothing in this state, but he must be young because he's full of energy. I looked at some found dog ads on craigslist. People often post there AFTER they drop strays off with animal control. It looks like the dogs have about 5 days to be adopted before they are euthanized.

His appetite has increased tenfold in just 24 hours. I don't know what kind of worms or parasites he may have. I need to take him to the vet. I bought him some of this super premium puppy food (the puppy food is a little more rich in fat and protein) With his increased appetite, he'll be going through this puppy food really quick.

He still has a lot of weight to put on. The only way I could get a good pic of him was through the glass. He was just too excited about the camera. He has not shown a single sign of aggression or fear since he showed up.

1. the act of saving or protecting from harm, risk, loss, destruction, etc.
2. the state of being saved or protected from harm, risk, etc.
3. a source, cause, or means of being saved or protected from harm, risk, etc.


  1. OMG! That's terrible! Please keep us updated on Skeletor's progress.

  2. BTW - if you have a farm supply store nearby, you can buy pyrantel or strongid dewormer that gets most parasites. Some pet stores carry it too. Dosing is 1cc per 10lbs. Give 2 doses 3 weeks apart and adjust your dosing for weight gain. My mom's a vet tech.

  3. Hey, I just found your blog. What a beautiful dog, what a sad story. Who could do that to him? I have a similar story in my 4 paws family, last year, in May, a black mixture of pit bull appear on my back while I was feeding the stray pack from my street. I was a little scared when I saw him right behind me and so close to me. His eyes were pretty scary, but when I started to talk to him, he set on his back and start to play. From that day on, he never went from my gate, so in October we decided to have him neutered and we took him inside. We were afraid of the other 2 male, who were not very happy to see Bully (Bulita) inside. He is adorable, but not very human frindly. (
    I'll follow your story with great interest. Good luck.

  4. Oh my goodness. We found your blog through Max. We will follow it closely to see how Skeletor does. Poor baby. Thank goodness he found you.

    Shannon and the Gang

  5. I think it's wonderful that you took him in.THANK YOU from all the animal lovers! He will be the MOST loyal, sweet loving boy - because animals remember those who saved them but even more so when they are fighting for survival, as Skelly is. It may turn out that he ends up being your most cherished dog by time you beef him up. I so wish I could have a pit, but my home is way to small and I don't have yard. They are a sweet and loving breed.Despite their bad rap, they are ectually the kindest and BREST family pet OF ALL BREEDS, per AKC. Again it was "man" that had to harm and abuse the dogs and get them to be the number 1 dumped animal, and folks scared to get one, so I would bet that there are more Pits and Pit look alikes that are killed every year due to reputation and ignorance,so sad. So glad you could take this guy and make his life better and give him a second chance. Thank you for the love and compassion you showed him and continue to show him as he fills out. Get ready for some serious kisses from that sweet boy. God Bless him and God Bless you for saving him. Thank you again! Do you need me to send you styptic powder-post your address and I'll send some on! : )

  6. Skeletor's stor is so touching - big hearts change the world and both he and you have big hearts!

    Blessings to you and thank you for your kindness to animals - you are a beautiful person!

    *Smooches* to Skeletor!

  7. Hello! I found your blog yesterday and I just can't stop thinking about Skelly! What a beautiful, sweet, wonderful dog, and what a kind, decent person you are for rescuing him! I have a bully breed my partner and I adopted from the shelter--she's an American Bulldog who EVERYONE thinks is a pit bull--not that I care either way. She lives with me, 2 cats, and 5 rats--all of whom she gets along with famously! Bully breeds are such wonderfully sweet, goofy, loyal dogs--I know they'll be a part of my life from now on! Sending much love to Skelly! xoxo

  8. Nowakowska backed that point, noting that the dog, which is a mixed-breed, is very gentle. Pit bulls


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