Sunday, January 22, 2012

Captain Insano has been promoted to Admiral :(

Insano's adopted owner, Elmer said that he had been sick with an upper respiratory infection of some kind. He started Insano on anti-biotics and he was starting to feel better. He was going up and down the stairs, eating and using his litter box like normal.

Unexpectedly, my old friend Insano was found dead this morning.

He had lived nearly 12 years. I've been reflecting on his life, and thinking about his many interesting traits, his loving personality, and all the funny faces he used to make.

When I lived with my friend Jimmy, our friends Becky and Levi were getting evicted from their apartment and asked for our help. We took my old 1986 Toyota Celica over to pack it full of as many of their belongings as we could.

We got the car all loaded up and it was starting to get dark. The last thing they needed from the house was their little black and white kitten. The crazy little cat escaped and darted into the woods nearby.

The four of us poked around in the woods trying to find him. We had no such luck.

We were starting to come to the consensus that we were going to have to leave the poor little guy. Our chances of finding him were fading fast. Suddenly Becky shrieked with joy as she swooped him up from the bushes.

Becky, Levi, and the kitten stayed with us for a few weeks while they found a new place to live. The cat was non-stop entertaining. He was very affectionate and seemed to have been weened to soon. He would sneak up on people and nurse on their earlobes. Sometimes even while they slept!

His wacky mannerisms earned him the name "Captain Insano." He was a hoot! He was not skittish in any way. He would attack the vacuum cleaner instead of running and hiding from it. He would surf across the kitchen on our trashcan lid. He was not shy in the least bit.

When they were ready to move out, Jimmy and I told them "The cat stays." They agreed.

Insano went on to make many friends. He was always making his way onto your lap whether you wanted him there or not. He was very vocal when he was ready to be fed. He grew up to be a very big cat.

He was not a huge fan of taking baths, but he did tolerate it quite well. Insano was always the alpha cat when he needed to be. Whether it was little kids, big dogs, or even bigger cats, he would put them in their place really quickly if they tried to mess with him. He had big claws, and knew how to use 'em.

He didn't usually start fights, but he often finished them. He could never get enough attention. Some cats prefer to be left alone, but Insano wanted pets... and lots of them. He would start purring the moment you touched him. He LOVED people!

He was a great friend, and he will be dearly missed.

He always made the funniest faces!

He always found a way to get comfy... whether or not if was convenient for you. 

Despite his enormous size, he would find his way into the smallest of spaces. 

This was about as close as he ever got to Skeletor unless they were duking it out. 

He was such a pretty kitty!

Somehow he lost one of his canines when he was young. It resulted in some bizarre facial expressions!

He loved to streeeeeetch out!

He didn't like this hat we made him wear :)

He was very curious. Here he is checking out my makeshift microphone booth.


He loved to keep my chair warm for me. 

He always sat up like a human. 

"What are you looking at?"

He pined for the outside world, but then when he did manage to escape, he got a bit freaked out and wanted back inside asap! 

He was just one of the guys.

Insano and Kim

Sprawling out on the carpet

Such a cute lad

He had a fascination with people's hair, and a taste for my particular brand of hair gel. 

Self pets weren't uncommon

How can this be comfortable!?

My left-hand man

He even helped with the filing

"You didn't have anything important up here, did you?"

This is an 8 inch wide cat lounging on a 5 inch window sil. 

Chillin in our new house

On the fridge

On the laptop

"Well, that was unpleasant!"

"Aaah... this should be MY bed!"

"You don't mind if I shed on this, do you?"

"Aaaaaah.... "

"Hey, would you mind opening these blinds?"


What a handsome boy

"What's this thing you keep pointing at me?"

He had one hell of a piercing stare.

He would always find unique places to hang out.

In his golden years, he preferred dark places where he could get some peace and quiet. 

Insano, knowing you was worth every hairball I ever had to pick up.

It was worth every pair of pants I couldn't re-wear because you sat in my lap. 

It was worth every smelly clump I scooped, every time I had to hide you from the landlord, every time you spilled the garbage, every time you destroyed the blinds, and every time you knocked the items off my desk to make a comfy spot to lie down in. 

Rest in peace Insano. You are loved!