Thursday, February 25, 2010

At the vet

Skeletor being a backseat driver on the way to his first vet visit

He was nervous at first, but got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Skelly was thrilled to meet new people and explore the vet's office

He wasn't quite so thrilled when he found out how vets like to shake hands!

"Whoa... hey, you're putting WHAT WHERE??!!??"
"Skelly don't play that!! Exit only fools!"
Skeletor got a little too tail-happy and the tip started bleeding. He then proceeded to decorate the interior of the room. His way of saying thanks.
There were plenty of crunchy biscuits for Skelly to munch on.

Dr. Fish and his staff were very professional and friendly.

After giving up on getting his temperature,
the nice vets bandaged up his tail.
We're still waiting on the fecal results. So far the bad news is that skeletor is heartworm positive. The vet says that his heart sounds good though. More info to come...

His fecal float test was clean. The vet gave him de-wormer just in case.

He got the rabies vaccination and vaccination dhpp (whatever that is)

He weighed in at 39.20 lbs. It seems like our scale is off. No big surprise.

We're off to get him a doghouse that a friend is donating.

Once Skeletor is up to weight, he can hopefully begin the heartworm treatment. It's curable, but there is a risk associated with it.

Dr. Fish prescribed some anti-biotics for Skelly's wounds and said to come back in 2 weeks. We'll see how much weight we can pack onto this little guy in the meantime!


  1. awwwwwwww--- crap!
    that's not always fatal-- just very expensive.
    my pappason = father in law's dog had that years ago. he could have put him to sleep to spare the money-- but he loved the dog. i assume that by the donations that skeletor is getting--- maybe-- just maybe-- he can raise enough after this news, to have the proper treatment?
    or, of course, it may be best for him - to unfortunately go the other route.
    i am so sad to hear this.
    i do hope it works out for the best though.
    he seems to have a lot of energy to be in this condition. i think he still has a lot of hope-- and a lot of doggie angels around him.
    there's a reason he came to YOUR door wes.

    he has a following-- i am amazed at the number of peeps who's hearts have opened to that dog.

    hugs to you-- and prayers to skeletor-

  2. My boyfriends parents took in an older dog who also had heartworm - the treatments are a bit pricy but there is treatment. Hopefully that is an option for Skeletor - he is finally somewhere to be happy and healthy and he so deserves it!

  3. how much does he have to weigh to begin treatment? I'm sure he'll be a fatty (or at least normal weight) in no time!

  4. They have made some inkhredible strives in treating heartworm -

    Paws khrossed fur the love to help keep him on the road to rekhovery!


  5. Yay - glad to see the update - that is great that he can begin the treatments once he gains weight. We are sending him lots of purrs and prayers to get up to weight quickly!

  6. Man,I'm so sorry to hear about the heartworms, I was hoping that wasn't going to be the case. Did they say he shouldn't be around other animals if he has heart worms? I guess I better read up.I wasn't aware it was curable.

    Did they have a guess as to how old he is?
    You know me, lol I want to hear all the details :)

    Love Mom

  7. Here is hoping all goes well and he is on the road to recovery quickly!

  8. we're be praying extra hard for his recovery
    our little one that we just took in has heartworms and it IS definately curable
    after all he has already survived and been through im sure he can get through this as well
    he's a little warrior
    pibble sugars
    the houston pittie pack

  9. Found your blog from kissa-bull. Thanks for saving this sweet dog! Pit bulls are not easy to find homes for, which makes many shelters and rescue groups shy away from them. There are options though, and the dogs themselves make it all worth it! Feel free to contact me if you need any suggestions for his care or finding him a new home. My e-mail is

  10. Hang in there and find someone who has gone through HW treatment to hold your hand through it.
    Our rescue Diego - found abandoned on the streets - is HW positive.
    It's a lot and it's scary.
    But you can do it and it will save his life.
    We're going down that same road ourselves so feel free to lean on us anytime!

  11. Hi

    I've just read up on heartworm in dogs and am feeling more positive that it looks like it's very treatable - so there is hope. From his latest pics Skeletor seems full of life and energy and the sheer joy of having found stability at long last that hopefully once treatment is started he'd be on his way to full recovery.

    You guys and gals are the brightest bestest stars to have given him his life back.

    Take care and GOOD LUCK! and go Skeletor!!!


  12. Good luck Skeletor we have our paws crossed for can get rid of those yucky heartworms. Found you through Kissa-bull, can't wait to see you getting healthy again!

  13. Skeletor got lucky when he found you! I hope he can get treatment. I didn't realize Heartworm was treatable either.

    I'm going to feature your blog in tomorrow's Blog of the Week post I do. Hope you don't mind. Would it be ok to use Skeletor's picture?

  14. @ Sprinkles,
    Thank you for featuring Skeletor on your blog. Please feel free to use any photo(s) that you'd like.

    @ Everybody,
    Thanks so much for all the support. Fostering Skeletor is a lot of work, but your encouraging words and donations help immensely!

  15. Oh ,all you poor babies. He is worth it, as you guys know.I'll try to call you guys tomorrow.

    Love yo mama

  16. Treatment for heartworm has come a long way, so don't be discouraged. If it starts to get too expensive, ask for help from a local animal shelter or rescue (not Animal Control/"the pound"). They often help people who are financially strapped but want to do all they can to keep their animal healthy and in their home. You're doing such a wonderful thing, they may be more than willing to help you if they have the means.

    Hang in there - he seems like such a great guy!

    I saw that you're getting him a dog house. Does he get to come in for cuddle time or will he live outside? If he's outside all the time, you have to make sure he's on heartworm preventative year-round - AFTER he finishes his treatment and is cleared by the doctor. Those mosquitos will just reinfect him in no time.

    Take care - and give him hugs and kisses for me!

  17. By the way, DH2PP is a routine combo-vaccination that will protect him from distemper & parvo.

    I'm going to post a plea for Skel on my blog, too, if you don't mind!

  18. Hi--
    We learned about Skeletor from kissa-bull and Pibble. Thank you for taking him on; I know how hesitant people are to help pitbull. He seems to be in good spirits. We made a donation; I hope it helps!

  19. Heartworm treatment isnt to expensive the dhpp is so he doesnt get parvo or distemper im so glade there are people out there to help the pit bulls not many will . I own one my self and wish i could help more, if anything is needed for him i would love to help he will be just fine

  20. We found out about Skeletor from the Houston Pitbull Pack and wanted to drop by to say hi to you and Skeletor and wish all of you well for him to find a forever home and to overcome his medical challenges. What a sweet face. We don't like anyone who is mean to any dog, cat, whatever. Hugs from Anchorage Alaska

  21. I've heard of heart worm but not in this area so far, so don't know much about it, but am glad to hear from so many of the comments that it will be treatable. He looks pretty strong, and getting stronger, so hopefully he will do fine in fighting this battle too.

  22. So sorry to hear he has heartworms. We are purring that he will put on enough weight to start treatment soon and that everything will go smoothly and he will be 100% healthy soon. He is so lucky to have found you. ~Artemisia, Socks, Scylla & Fenris

    PS: DHPP stands for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus

  23. lol pitbulls always make their tails bleed ! they get so excited and their tails are like a whip. skeletor is so cute


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