Friday, February 26, 2010

Up and at them!

Hmmm, I guess Skeletor's not such a picky eater, he just likes to sleep in.



"Ok, I'm up!"

"You got anything for me?"

"Fine, I'll eat my breakfast now!"


  1. Well, sometimes you just have to sleep in - food has to wait a bit! We totally understand that at our house (though it does't happen to often, one of the cats will sometimes pick staying in bed over breakfast).

  2. Oh, that would be unheard of with our pooches. I can't believe with how skinny he is that he's not swarming for the food. At least he is well-mannered.

  3. Hi!

    He is looking so good! Aww a good breakfast after a good rest is always, always a must!

    Take care

  4. The tail with the bandage is hilarious! It almost looks like the handle from an old well pump. I love this guy!

  5. We are so glad that he found you and you are taking good care of him. You may have a great friend for life there.

  6. Well, you know there is nothing like a nice sunspot!

  7. He is so skinny. But with you there he will bulk up in no time!

  8. Ooooo, I just read that Jacksonville is now offering FREE neutering for Pitbulls. It's definitely worth checking out!

    "...They must prove where they live via a driver license or utility bill.

    "All they have to do is prove they live in a 54 or 04 zip code," Trebatoski said. "Income, nothing else matters..."

  9. @Maureen,
    Thanks for the link!

    Skeletor is loving the sunshine today! A welcome change from the frigid rain as of late!!

  10. Shucks! It's only for those 2 zip codes. We're in 32244 :(

  11. He's really looking good for so short a time. Since I've had experience in this before, I can really see the difference. You are doing a wonderful job!


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