Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not quite THAT humane

My roommate called the Jacksonville Humane Society today. Here's what she said:

"So, I just called the jacksonville humane society and they only accept animals that are being given up by their owners... "pet surrender" no strays, lost and founds or anything. If you have a pet that you want to surrender you have to make an appointment and have like all kinds of reasoning of why you are surrendering your pet and how long you have owned it "

This comes as no surprise to me, which is why I have already decided to help Skeletor myself and try to find him a loving new home. He wouldn't last a week if picked up by animal control.

The good news! (a little TMI)

Skeletor is pleased to announce that he's made a seemingly healthy BM!

It was a unique experience scooping up a sample and dissolving it in water to check for worms. I'm sure this test only applies to certain types of worms, but it looks like he passed with flying colors (mostly brown)!


Today, Skelly's appetite has decreased. I did notice 3 more landmines though! I think he just needs some exercise to help keep his appetite up. He gets winded pretty quickly, so I'll need to play with him in small increments just like I've been feeding him.

Another bit of info from Kim (my roommate)

Jacksonville animal "care and protective services" pretty much said you can drop him off and then they decide if he is suitable for rehoming and it depends on how many animals they already have and how healthy he is.

The exercise is doing the trick!

Skeletor suffers from some A.D.D. when it comes to chasing tennis balls. However, I just returned from running some errands and was delighted to find an empty food bowl. I gave him his 3 o'clock feeding. He devoured the entire bowl and tried to steal the cup it came in.

It looks like his appetite has returned! Probably just had to make some room :)

More and more dog-like!

When Kim got home from work and went out to play with Skeletor, he was going buck wild!

He's stronger and more playful than ever!
The first time he has rolled around in the grass
Lovin' the purple squid thing
Getting better at, and more interested in tug-of-war!
I think maybe the weight reported yesterday was wrong. Today he weighed in at 43.5lbs. Perhaps yesterday we got a bad reading or miscalculated. He definitely looks and acts better.

Toys, a leash, and food - Oh My!!!

Thanks to your donations, we made a trip to PetSmart to pick up some various goods for Skeletor. It's dark now, so I'll post pics tomorrow. One thing is for sure... dog toys is a racket!


  1. Oh, he's breaking my heart! You guys are such angels for taking him in and bringing him back to health!

    My husband and I are in the process of transferring from Hawaii to Minnesota, and I will be in the Orange Park area in early April. If he hasn't found a home by then, I'd love to scoop him up :)

  2. Here's a list of people in the Florida area who can help. Best of luck!

    Alachua, Florida (Greater Gainesville)Sharon Nataline 386.454.3063

    Broward County, F...lorida Heidi Jones 954.551.9045email ddb@pupeez.com

    Deltona, Florida Kathryn email Cinnamongirl@cfl.rr.com

    Sanibel, Florida Belen Brisco 239.247.2080 email MBBrisco@aol.com

    Tampa, Florida Susie Steiner 813.505.7572 email tampaddb@yahoo.com

    Tierra Verde, Florida Sheri-lyn Shepler 941.769.2504
    email sheri@belladogmagazine.com

  3. You rawk for taking care of him! I have a pittie that came to me in a similiar (although not as rough) condition and she is the love of my life 6 years later. If I wasn't in OR i might have to take Skelly too! Thank you for helping him out!! And good luck finding a good family!

  4. I have a couple extra leashes(non retractable, one has an extra loop near the front, the other is normal) if you still need one. I also have some kongs, and maybe some toys that my dog isn't interested in. I'll have to ship them from North Carolina though. Please feel free to email me if you could use any of this. shianuah at yahoo dot com

  5. oh my, what a scary dawg...
    he looks so happy with y'all.

  6. I'm here in Jax, too, in the Mandarin area and I have a crate I can donate!

  7. Looks like Skelly is making some wonderful friends... and you too! We NEVER buy toys from a Petstore! You can often get some good ones from garage sales or dollar stores!

  8. Whoever is going to adopt Skelly is one LUCKY human! I would snap him up in a heartbeat if I were local and in the position to add another to my family of rescues! It is so unbelievably WONDERFUL of you guys to foster him and put all the money and time into his care! Love you, Skelly Boo!!! <3, Rebecca the boring human, Rikki the dog, Antonio and Magellan the cats, and ratties Cheech, Chong, Angus, Ben, and Teddy. xoxo


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