Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skells went to the vet a day early

Nothing is wrong, it was just more convenient with our schedules to bring him in today. Kim is there with him now. She says he weighs the same as he did before the reaction. This is good news, because I'm positive he lost weight from that ordeal!

Dr. Fish says his ticker sounds good. I'll post more details as they emerge.

In the meantime, here's a funny photo of Sophie

Update: Kim wrote a big long spiel about Skeletor's adventures at the Vet yesterday. Sadly she accidentally erased it all and has to start over!! Hopefully she'll share all the details later today.


  1. It's good your vet is willing to work around your schedule instead of you having to work around theirs!

  2. Ha! What a little clown she is.

    Well, you know we're all dying to hear the details about the Vet visit now :)

    Hurry! It's nearly bed time out here.

    Love Mom

  3. Sophie is such a cutie! Someone must have a nice treat in their hand!

  4. I love her little belly sticking out :)

  5. Awwwww Sophie!!!

    I hope that there will be more good news about Skelly so that he'd be home asap to be with you! I bet he misses you very much! Please don't worry sweet Sophie, Skelly is a big strong brave doggie and will soon be with you to accompany you on your walkies!

    We are all rooting for Skelly!! Go Skelly!

    Take care

  6. Good news!!! Let's hope the weight keeps coming!

  7. Sophie is so cute. I hope you scooped her up and gave her some love!

    On another note, I've just give you the Golden Cup award! You deserve it. Come collect it at my blog:

  8. That is great that Skelly is doing so good - and that he is at the same weight, because I am sure he lost some weight from the reaction badness. And Sophie is a cutie too - Skelly is a lucky guy!

  9. Wonderful news about Skelly! Can't wait to hear more updates and see him rolling around in the sun with a big fat belly.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  10. Sophie, I can sure see why Skelly is so taken with you. You're adorable! Glad to hear your buddy is starting to pack on the pounds again... we're rooting for him!

  11. Your Sophie looks alott like my baby Bella..


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