Friday, March 5, 2010

Lawmakers engage in dog breed profiling

When will people realize that you can raise any breed of dog to attack? Obviously some breeds are bigger, stronger and better suited for survival. These are the breeds CHOSEN by the jerks who RAISE them to be aggressive. Hence, dog attack statistics show that these breeds do the most harm. Duh!

Do we need to ban any dog larger than a poodle just to be safe?


  1. Yes, I strongly believe it's the people who teach the dog to be agressive and not the dog's nature to be that way!

    Even very small breeds can be agressive though!

  2. Oh this kind of thing just makes me crazy! YOu are right - it isn't the animals themselves, it is the people who make them into attack animals.

  3. At least it sounds like your AC is willing to go to bat for Pit Bulls. That's a huge plus!

  4. "Better suited for survival". Love that. I have not heard that one before but I will sure be using it in the future!
    Pit Bulls are simply better suited for survival.
    Amongst all their other wonderfully fantastic qualities ;)

  5. UGGGGH! I just spent like an hour ranting on that news site and then LOST it!

    I've seen poodles more violent than our pits!

    (insert screams )

  6. Awwww

    That's why I think what you are doing with Skelly is such a great thing. He is showing the world and his brother that with the right environment, dogs and all animals thrive beautifully. Besides, Skelly has such a natural sweet temperament anyway I can't see how anyone would not fall in love with him!

    Take care

  7. One only has to look at the former dogs of michael vick or the Missouri bust dogs to know that for 99.9% of pit bulls and other bsl targeted dogs are not aggressive by nature. That when taken out of the environment where they are forced to exhibit aggression or die, they are amazing, resilient animals who want nothing more than to give and receive love.


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