Thursday, March 4, 2010

Skeletor's Video - Week Two - Cheesey training montage

Skeletor's got the eye of the tiger. He's been doing a great job of eating and exercising. He's gone on a couple of car rides, he has been to the park, and he has been highly entertaining with all of his antics!

Take a look for yourself :)


  1. Ok, I'm ready to leave my husband in England and go home so I can be Skeletors Mama.

    Damn...I think we have that same dog rule.

    Hello!!! People....who's the Mama (as good or better than ME) for this wonderful baby?

    He's looking so good! I'm so proud of you guys! Wes, Mel,Ian, Kym , and the babies too.

    Love Mom

  2. What a great video!!! You're doing such good work!

  3. Oh wow.

    He is such a lovely dog! what a sweet nature - so happy. Thank you for all you've for him!

    Fab video!

    Take care

  4. How are you ever going to give him to someone else, I mean really? He looks so happy with you, and I can hear it in your voices and see it in your faces... You love him right back!

    Keep up the great work, guys! And give Sophie a hug for me this time around!

  5. Made me cry again! When he caught that tennis ball in his mouth I was just done. He is soooo sweet.
    The whole world is going to be in love with this guy.

  6. Simply inkhredible!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  7. What a great video to come home too. Totally made my day!!!

  8. That is a great video - and boy you can really see how he has filled out so much already! Amazing!

  9. I wish I could see this video. :( I'm so bummed that I can no longer watch videos online.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hopefully my post did your blog justice! I have 21 followers so I don't know if it'll help much but I wanted to help get the word out. I posted the comparison photo today, hope that was ok. I also finally got around to adding your link to my sidebar today.

  10. cheesy training video? hardly! you've done wonders with skeletor (love the name but in a short while not accurate). he is such a joyful dog! the video was fun to watch.


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