Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Skelly's first bath

Photos from Monday night when Skeletor escaped and needed a bath...

Foster dad, Ian is cleaning up the dirty little escape artist.

He's behaving quite well!

Maybe he's plotting his next escape?

That's a good doggie!

Lucky for us, he does such a good job sleeping inside in his crate. We have to wait until the morning to fix the hole under the gate.

All clean!


  1. Wow he is sure looking good !

    Love Mom

  2. It's amazing how much better he's looking. At so well behaved to actually sit still in the bath.

  3. Looking good after a nice bathe ;)

  4. OH look at that fatty
    we just love how meaty he's looking
    we cant wait to see rolly poly's on his tummy like ours

  5. Awwwwww!

    He looks so sheepish! And so he should, silly Skelly!

    Take care

  6. What a good pup-dog ... prolly the first bath he has ever had and he did real good! He is starting to look healthy and shiney! Good for him.

  7. What a cutie - and it looks like he's putting on some weight. Good boy, Skel!

  8. Wow Skeletor you were such a good boy for your first bath! Of course, I can only compare it to bathing the cats, but still, you were very good!

  9. He looks great! He is putting on weight and looking fantastic. You guys are doing such a great job with him. I love seeing these daily updates!!

  10. Gotta love those big huge eyes saying, 'But it was just a little dirty!'.

    So cute!

  11. He looks so handsome and shiny now!


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