Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to the vet we go!

Wes had lots of work to do yesterday, so it was just me and Skells - off to the vet!

He was really good in the car! All smiles. He got pretty sidetracked when he saw a motorcycle :-) I think he wanted to to join him on the Harley.

When we arrived he was wayyy too excited for a dog at the vet. He hardly ever barks, but at the vet, he barks and howls and yells until they take him back! Everyone was thrilled to see him, and very happy that he was in better spirits than before. And OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS!! Skells was such a terror on this vet visit, but we will get to that!

Dr. Fish took some blood from his back leg (because he was soo jumpy) to test his blood cell count. His red cell count was up a bit. Unfortunately his white cells are WAYY high. Dr. Fish explained that he might be fighting an infection other than the heart worms, but we aren't sure what that is quite yet. So now our boy is on 3 different medications. Poor dude. You wouldn't know he is sick from his award winning personality though.

Now for the fun part...I know you all think that your precious Skeletor is a perfect angel, but please allow me to enlighten you...

The jar of vet treats that he loves so dearly? All over the floor within minutes of being in the room. And HE ATE THEM ALL! He must have had 20 treats, yall! So then our boy was thirsty (after eating 20 cookies who wouldn't be!?) I noticed his thirst because the sink in the room was dripping and he was struggling on his hind legs for just one savory drop. too cute.

So the tech brings him a pale of water. He guzzled 1/2 of it down, burped, and with a flick of his dainty paw... SPLASH! He knocked the rest of the water all over the room. So there I was... wrestling in a small, slippery room with a very excited, and very clumsy dog. We both froze like deer in headlights when the vet techs came in to see what all the commotion was about. She just smiled and returned with a mop and some towels. I think I have said this multiple times, but he's really lucky the staff loves him up there :-)

So, the vet visit was a success! Like Wes said, his weight is the same, but that is just fine considering how sick he was. Dr. Fish said his heart sounded good, so that is awesome! We have to bring him back for some more blood work in 2 weeks. His white cell count will hopefully be a lot lower next time. Our task continues to be putting weight on him, giving him his meds, and getting our boy healthy!


  1. Wow, what a visit! I have to say that it is good he likes it there - can you imagine if he hated it? He is looking SO good - I don't see any ribs in these pictures, which is great!! It is too bad he is on more meds but hopefully the white blood cell count will go down and he will gain a bit more weight and things will keep going well for him!

  2. i'm laughing about skelly knocking down the jar of cookies and eating them all...too funny! that will certainly help him put on some more jiggle. :)
    hope his WBC goes back down to normal soon so he can get off all those extra meds.
    give skelly a big hug and kiss for me!
    the booker man's mama

  3. LOL ,sounds like a typical boy to me.

    It's hard to beleive he's still not that healthy. He looks totally beautiful. (Well nearly)

    You are all awesome for helping that poor baby.
    I was about to say "I've never had a pet that LOVED the vets." But them I remembered ...that was cats. My pitbulls loved the vets too.

    They ARE attention hogs :)

    Love Mom2

  4. Well, at least he has an appetite now.

  5. I had to laugh at Skelly eating all the cookies and then spilling the water! Good thing he's such a handsome guy, I don't know how many other dogs could get away with such behavior at the vet's office! LOL

    I'm so happy he's doing so much better. Hopefully those meds will heal him in no time!

  6. Oh Skelly you silly wonderful doggie! LOL!

    You are just too adorable! It's so good to know you love going to the vets - you know they are doing their best to make you better! Please take your meds, enjoy your food and give Sophie and your wonderful foster family a great big sloppy Skelly hug!

    Take care and hang in there!!!!!


  7. Really love the last photo, "who me making a mess"? At least he didn't try to open the exam room door.
    How could they not love him, he's a bigger then life character and a wonderdog to behold. So happy he is improving, hope the additional meds do the trick!

  8. Whoa, we can't imagine whats Skelly will be like when he's gained more weight and feelin' 100%.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  9. Gotta love that face: "DID I DO THAAAAAAAAT???!!!"

  10. Take heart in that Skelly is not the only dog who gets excited at the vet. Jack is the first dog I've ever had who LOVES going to the vet and is so wiggly it's almost impossible to do the exam!

  11. Awesome! And the vet visit narrative was just priceless!!

  12. Let's see - knocks over the treats, knocks over the water, barking, howling. Sure sounds like Skelly is starting to act like a regular dog!

  13. skelly,
    booker wanted me to let you know that he has some awards for you because you are so awesome! come by his bloggie to check them out. :)

    the booker man's mama

  14. Great news! He sounds like our Buddy at the vet's.

  15. LOL - you can only loooooooooove a doggy like him! We are so happy that he is getting better. Hopefully he can get off all the meds soon.

    Slobbers Teal'c

    PS: I love the vet too! She always has treats for me and I even jump on the table there when my mom tells me to. As long as the vet stays away from my bum :) :)


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