Monday, March 29, 2010

How to untrain your foster dog in 2 seconds

Hiya folks!

Skelly's been doing quite well lately (all things considered). We're back to doing our best to put them pounds on this guy. His appetite is very strong and his muscles are too.

We've been shooting a lot of video, but have had little time to import and edit it! I'll get something up soon... even if it's not a masterpiece ;)

This weekend was a bit dreary, so we hung out inside a bit. Skeletor was being such a cute lad, the ladies couldn't bear to kick him off the couch!!! Naturally, he instantly forgot everything he knew about staying off the couch :) He's now become the world's largest (and clumsiest) lap dog!

Skelly and Sophie were visited by a crazy little wiener dog by the name of Bella. (this visit made for some hilarious video!) On Saturday, I did a little experiment to see how well Skells would run beside a bicycle. He did very well actually. As expected, the higher rate of speed meant less A.D.D. on his part. One thing that I found strange was that he never really galloped. He only trotted as fast as he could. Perhaps his infected heart is preventing him from running at top speed. He does seem to tire out rather quickly for a dog.

So, he's working on building stamina. He's still quite an excitable guy!! Especially when new friends (dogs or people) are concerned! He's definitely a very wiggly guy. His tail is rarely seen sitting still.

Woohoo, the photo upload is now working!!

Tsk Tsk Tsk!!!


  1. It is so funny I can just picture him being wiggly! My aunt has a dog that is very wiggly too (though she is very little). It is good that he is gaining weight and muscle - that will help out with his stamina for sure.

  2. The master of the "who me" is Skeltor!
    He's workin it, what roomie could resist that mug! I think underneath that irresistible personality is a very smart dog!

  3. My chi's are very wiggly too!

    My neighbor has a pit bull who loves to come visit me for lots of loves and pets. She's just the sweetest thing! So pretty too - she's striped three or four different colors.

    I'm amazed every day by just how much better he's looking!

  4. Good to hear that things are going so well! I'm always worried about running with a dog on a bike, because I'm afraid there's going to be something someday that makes him stop and pull me off the bicycle and kill me and then the puppy will have to take the bicycle home! And there's nothing worse than seeing a puppy trying to ride a bicycle! :)

  5. Hi

    Awww Skelly - you are a big lap dog! :-) And it's so good to see that you are looking so, so, so wonderful and very happy!

    I can't wait to see you trotting along next to the bicycle and more importantly with your female fan club of Sophie and Bella! You charmer!

    Take care

  6. Wells, of course Skelly is supposed to be a lap dog. Look how cute he is! BOL!

    Our rescue Frenchie had to build up her stamina too. It took a while with shorter more frequent walks. But she's getting better and better just like Skelly.

  7. oh skelly ish such a ladies man
    we'll never tire of seeing him smiling and happish and healthy
    that second photo ish such a heart stealer
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  8. While I think it's really great he wants to be so active but everything I've read and seen about heartworm say it's imperative the dog has as little activity as possible for up to 4 weeks from time of treatment. Has To hear that he is running is worrisome. Skelly's vet advised you about what his activity level should be at this time?

    Maybe I'm just a worry wart, but better safe than sorry. Right?

    And on another note, I love the lap dog pix. Have you ever seen a happier pooch?!!

  9. From what I understand, the period of inactivity (which I'm dreading) begins after the first in the series of injections, and lasts for about 2 months. You're not even supposed to let him outside unattended so he doesn't play too much when going to the bathroom. It's going to be really lousy for the poor guy. I believe that the danger is that after the first injection takes place, the adult heartworms begin to deteriorate. If the heart rate goes up, it could cause a piece of heartworm to break off and cause a blockage.

    I'll have to ask the Vet tomorrow just to be safe.

  10. awesome, skelly! you got possession of the couch! WIN!!
    the booker man

  11. Hehe! He's training you nicely Wesley. Besides, the couch will be good for his forced period of inactivity (see, I can justify anything). Glad he's having some fun before that begins.

  12. That second picture is PRICELESS! Skelly has to have the widest and happiest smile in all of dogdom. I love this guy!

  13. Ok, gotcha. I was thinking he had started his shots when he had the bad reaction. Good to know!! Thanks!

  14. I've been reading for a couple of weeks and am absolutely touched by all that you have done for Skelly. You are good people. Just for what it's worth... there was some research that came out late 2008 about the efficacy of using weekly doses of heartworm preventative and staggered doses of doxycycline (sp?) as an alternative to the Killer Shots... maybe something to discuss with your vet? That said, a few years ago, I put a 2 year old rescue thru the shots, and it was... not easy. We did plan the shots to happen in the quiet of the winter, after the holidays, very little coming/ going or happy spring energy. She was as good as you could hope, but restless and very bored. She came out fine, with a surprising new coat and spring in her step.
    Lots of good thoughts to Skelly and family! Thank you for stepping in and helping this sweet boy out!

  15. Those pictures are just adorable. It is amazing how good Skelly is looking.I can't wait to see the new video.

    Love Mom


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