Friday, April 2, 2010

Skeletor and the case of the mysterious behaviour

Let me start by saying that the weather around here lately has been absolutely amazing! We are finally being rewarded for suffering through one of the most agonizingly long winters in recent memory.

The other day when I was walking Skelly, it was about 85 degrees and sunny. (YES!) We were walking on the street and just as we were passing somebody's driveway, he stopped dead in his tracks. This is not unusual, he often has to stop and pee. I turned around and was shocked to see him doing much more than peeing right there in the middle of the road.

Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather he drop a stinky load in the street than in somebody's yard. It's just that the middle of the road seemed like a funny place to plant one.

I have not yet trained myself to bring doodoo bags with me on walks and this was the first time I had actually needed one. I nonchalantly glanced around to see that the only possible witness was too far down the road to have noticed.

We reversed direction and headed homeward :)

We were in the final stretch of sidewalk when suddenly he stopped in his tracks again. I turned around and this time he was lying down in some random person's lawn. I could tell he was hot... perhaps he was tired and could continue no longer. I urged him to continue with his walk as he playfully rolled around in these people's grass. I busted out the camera and snapped this little video...

Today was another fantastic day for weather, and off we went right after lunch. We were nearing the home stretch, and Skeletor stopped in his tracks again. Being the scumbag that I am, I was once again doodoo bag-less! I turned around expecting to see horrified neighbors watching as Skelly desecrated their lawn.

What I saw was Skeletor laying in the grass again. The very same grass as last time! I realized that this was the only yard with a big giant shade tree, and that Skelly chose it for that very reason. I breathed a sigh of relief, and snapped a couple of shots on my phone. Case closed!

Skelly's got it made in the shade!


  1. LOL! I too was a scumbag when I was first thrown into a household with a dog, whose joy in life was going for walks. After the second or third time of performing the surreptitious check for witnesses, I realized I could hang market sacks on the same hook as the leash to remind me!

    Glad the mystery was solved so quickly!

  2. Awwww Skelly is a clever dog for finding shade under a tree! And great to see him looking so well!

    It's always handy to have doodoo pooper scooper bags when walking doggies!


    Take care

  3. Haha! When Lucy was a puppy, we stupidly took her for a very, very long walk. When she'd had enough, she plopped down in the middle of the road and she wouldn't budge. Thankfully, she was still small enough to carry! Unfortunately, Skel isn't small enough.

    Looking at the video, I'm thrilled with how well he's filled out! He's looking great. I wish I lived in FL instead of CT! I'd scoop him up in a second (even if he was still scrawny, I'd scoop him up; he's just ADORABLE!).

  4. Next time you ans Skells go for a walk TAKE THE POOP BAGS! And maybe you should also bring one of those doggie water bottles for him as well. Poor guy looked hot and thirsty.

  5. Mom always has bags in her pockets

    AND she always has one by my leash...

    It bekhomes sekhond nature!


  6. Mom has poop bags in almost every pocket. And, if the weather is kinda warm, she always carries one of those doggie water bottle things with a built in bowl thing. You can find 'em at Petco. Skelly is just being introduced to the warmer weather now.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  7. What drives me crazy is when we go for a ride to the park and when I get there I realize I didn't put any bags in the car!!

  8. my mama ties plastic baggies to my leash. we always have one ready to go that way.
    the booker man

  9. Skells truly does have it made in the shade!

    I often forget to bring doggie bags too. There's a walking path near me that I sometimes take my boys to and they provide the bags for you. The boys always take a dump every single walk (sorry, TMI) so I make sure to grab a few. Lots of people don't clean up after their dogs which makes me mad because the city provides the bags for you, it's not like you have to bring them from home!!!

    I'm jealous of your weather. We've had snow every single day this week. It didn't stick until today and we currently have a couple of inches on the ground. It's supposed to be spring, where's the warm weather?????


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