Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pit Bull Needs a Home: Black Dog

I received this email and wanted to post this and try to find a home for this guy... 

Please contact Amy at 904-246-0093 or if you're interested in adopting Black Dog or if you happen to know his owners.

"My name is Black Dog.
Man, you were skinny, but look incredible now.  Way to go dude. Props. You found some good peeps.

Now, let's talk about me. I don't know where the hell I am. I followed  these two hounds and a really tall guy home two days ago in the  Atlantic Beach area. I'm not sure where my family is or if they want  me back. They've alerted animal control, had me scanned and put up  signs.  I look really good, you know - for the ladies. I'm not skinny  like you were, but I'm confused as to why I'm here.

I was hoping that you could help a brutha out or at least point me in  the right direction. The people I found don't want to send me to  animal control because I'm really sweet and they know what happens to  pits in the clink. But they can't keep me. Any ideas? I'm really the  perfect dog... my favorite thing is PEOPLE I LOVE TO BE WITH PEOPLE OH  MY GOD I LOVE PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE. I can sit and have pretty  good manners. Might you know of anyone who would want to keep me or  keep me for a bit until I find my old or a forever home?

You are an inspiration, Skeletor. Truly.

Peace and good luck with your search for a forever home. You deserve it.
Black Dog, as translated by


  1. Oh Black Dog I hope your family comes and finds you....

  2. :( if you weren't in Florida I would snatch you up. So adorable, reminds me of my baby

  3. Awwwwww what a sweetie!

    I hope Black Dog finds his forever home asap! He is adorable and a real charmer!!! I hope someone finds it in his or her heart to share their lives with such a character!

    Take care

  4. Black Dog should start contacting any pit bull rescues in his area and see if one of them can help him. He can also do a search on Facebook for pit bull rescues. There are oodles of them on FB.

    Good luck Black Dog. You have the face of a little angel!

  5. Oh Black Dog, it is so sad that you are lost, but we are so glad you found some good people who want to help you!! We are sending you lots of good luck purrs!!

  6. Black Dog is a very handsome boy! I hope he's able to go back home or find a new forever home soon!


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