Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Kennel, Flea Season, Dog Blankets

I really should be working, but wanted to drop a quick post in...

The other day was a HOT ONE! (there will be many more of those to come!)
We were scrambling to get out the door in the morning, and there was just one last thing to do.. toss Skelly's blankets in the wash.

He had pulled them out of his dog house and into the muck. They were damp and needed to be washed. The plan was to throw them in the washer before we leave, then toss them in the dryer when we get back so they are dry by nightfall. Skelly's been stuck sleeping outside since he busted up his crate!

So we were all loaded in the car and I said "oh crap! I forgot about the dog blankets."

I ran out and picked up the 2 blankets only to realize that they were far beyond "damp." The top blanket was damp, the bottom blanket must have weighed 30 lbs!! It's hard to describe just how smelly and gross 30lbs of muddy dog water blanket actually is.  I hurriedly carried the dripping monstrosity through the living room, kitchen, hall and finally dropped it into the washing machine! It was dripping all over my leg and the carpet the whole trip.

I started the washer, locked up the house and hurried to the hose so I could rinse off my leg. Fun times :)

I'm all over the place with this post, but hey I'm in a hurry.

So, a friend and old client of mine was over here the other day and I introduced him to Skelly as we waited for a DVD to burn. The next time he dropped by, he asked about Skells and said that he has a nice, big dog crate that he doesn't need and would like to donate!  We're super thrilled about this for many reasons. 
  1. We can not yet afford one. 
  2. We want to keep Skelly's crate training skills intact.
  3. We don't like him sleeping outside with the fleas and other vermin.
So thanks much for the kennel, Jason! Ian and I are going to pick it up this evening!

OK I guess that pretty much sums it up.
I'm uploading a new video!


  1. That is so awesome of him to donate that crate to Skelly! And really I don't even want to try and imagine how gross that blanket is. Yep, gonna pass on that image!!

  2. It is always so khool when hoomans help like that!

    Another example of Pawing It Furward!


  3. Yay !! Thank you kind friend for the crate!!

    And yes let's move on now from the icky blankies!


    It's just great to know that Skelly's got a crate to call his own again!

    Take care

  4. This is how I know you love Skelly - a LOT of people would have just left that blanket dirty and dragged it back into his dog house. But you know you wouldn't have wanted to sleep on it so you took the time to wash it for him! Face it dude, you're not gonna be able to give him up! :)

    How nice of your friend to give you a new crate! I'm sure Skells will appreciate getting to sleep in the house again!

  5. What great luck! I'm sure Skelly will be so much happier in his crate.

  6. One caveat.. The new crate was inadvertantly run over by jason's wife. No worries! It looks like the same crate that skelly destroyed. I think that Ian and I can fix it! Stay tuned :)

  7. Skelly is one lucky dog. He might have had a bad start but his story has a very happy ending. We can tell yoo love him.

  8. My computer was on the fritz and I have missed my Skelly updates! It was like heroine withdrawal (or so I am told).


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