Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breakfast Frolicking

When Skelly gets excited, he prances and frolics about like a deer.


  1. Dad, stop teasing like that and put the foodables down! BOL!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  2. OH MY GOSH!! He is ever, ever, ever, so happy!!

  3. Now that is some good video! :)

  4. it's breakfast time!! it's breakfast time!!
    *happy dance*

  5. I love to watching the videos because he's always such a happy boy!

  6. Awww ,the poor baby resembles a deer because he's still so skinny . It's not as obvious in the still pictures, but when you see him on video he IS still way thin for his frame.He looks gorgeous and healthy in the pictures (thanks to the big old pitbull head) LOL

    he is the happiest thing since Santa claus! You gotta love him for the spirit alone . I can't beleive how enamored he's gotten me.I'm sure I speak for many others as well . I LOVE that dog! I hope that the fates work out somehow that you will be able to keep him forever.(he's already MY grandson in my heart) lol

    Love Mom

  7. Hi

    Awww Skelly - you're one happy puppy, just look at your all excited and playful and just loving every moment!

    That must have been some yummy crunchie food!

    Great to see Sophie too!

    Take care

  8. Oh what a happy boy Skelly is!! I am always so amazed at what a wonderful happy attitude he has after everything he has been through.

  9. Well, Wesley, most chefs like an enthusiastic diner and you've certainly got one in Skelly! :-)

  10. Skelly -such a good, beautiful boy! Amazing the spirit animals have, even after suffering! You guys are doing great work, I am surprised Cesar Milan hasn't contacted you! ;) Just you have any idea how old he is? He certainly acts like a puppy.

  11. :) Cute but I have to say that you should really invest in a dog feeder thing. I forgot what it's called but you can get it at walmart I think. It's a hard plastic and it basicaly holds both water and food bowls off the ground so it's easier for the dog to digest. Something I learned considering my own Pit had trouble digesting when he grew tall enough to need one.
    Something like this:


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