Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A funny mental picture for you...

Picture this...

Yesterday I was walking Skells on a leash and Sophie was walking with us with no leash. I've been getting better about bringing poo bags with us. This time was an exception, and I was poo-bagless. I noticed the mail lady was doing her thing.

I know Skeletor better than he knows himself. Something about going on a walk gives him the urge to drop a stinky load. It was just a matter of time.

We were almost to the area where it's "ok" for him to poo, and I was worried that he would handle his business prematurely. I decided to pick up our pace to a jog.

So I was running with Skelly on the leash and Sophie was doing her best to keep up. We get to the poo zone and Skelly goes straight to work. *whew!*

It was a rather large payload too! Glad it wasn't in somebody's yard!

Anyways, we were walking along and the mail lady pulls up and says... "When you guys were running, it looked like you two were being fleeing from the dachshund! bahaha!"

I agreed with her that it was quite a funny picture!! We will have to stage some photos!!


  1. I always did like the image of a big dog and a little dog running together. It just looks so funny!

  2. Oh my gosh we can just picture that - it is such a funny thing!

  3. Yep, you did a fine job painting that visual, Wesley!

  4. The Dachshund Terror! in a theater near you!

    Poor Sophie.

  5. MOL!!!! You two running from a small dachsund! Too funny!


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