Friday, April 30, 2010

Annie needs a home - Her adoption fell through :(

Unfortunately, Annie's adoption didn't work out. 

I'm re-posting this in hopes of finding her a forever home. Poor Annie is in her 4th home in 2 years and Melanie and I are hoping to find her one that sticks. If you, or somebody you know is interested, please contact 

We would prefer not to move her into a foster home, but I'm afraid that will have to do if we can't find her a forever home. Thanks in advance to anybody that can help by spreading the word!

Info from original post...

Melanie had to give her up last year. A friend took her in, but she can no longer keep her.
Annie is almost 2 years old. She's a spayed pit-lab mix. She's good with kids and animals.

Mel would love to take her back, but she can't have a dog Annie's size in her apartment. Also, she doesn't think apartment life is what Annie would want.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting or even fostering Annie, please contact

Please spread the word and help us find Annie a good home!


  1. Hi

    I shall have everything crossed that Annie finds a forever home soon!

    She looks utterly adorable - Good Luck Annie!

    Take care

  2. Hope she find her forever home soon ! ;)

  3. Poor Melanie having to give up Annie. Hopefully she'll find her furever home very soon.

  4. Oh, man. This just breaks my heart. Annie looks so sweet! I'm sure your friend has contacted every rescue possible?

  5. I don't know if Melanie's friend has made any attempts to contact rescues. I haven't communicated with her directly, but I'll ask Mel to suggest it.

  6. Annie, you're a doll! This has to be breaking Melanie's heart. I know your friend is probably way ahead of me, but has she tried

  7. Oh I wish I knew someone who could help them out - I am going to link over here at my blog and maybe someone who visits can help better. I hope she can find a home soon!

  8. Annie is very pretty. I hope she finds a good home soon!

  9. We are praying and purring for you Annie. You are such a cutie!

  10. What a cutie. Hope she finds her furever home!

    Ane & the boys!

  11. Annie is so pretty! It's heartbreaking to have to give up a dog. Hope she finds a good home soon and can continue her days out and not have to be shuffled around.

  12. She's stunning -

    I'm betting she'll have her pikhk of humans - I hope she holds out fur the perfekht one fur her!

    PeeEssWoo: Keep up the great work Skelly!

  13. We are wishing Annie all the luck in the werld to find a noo forever home.

  14. We all hope Annie gets a good home very soon!


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