Monday, August 30, 2010

Spoiled Doggie Alert! - Lovin the couch privileges

Skeletor was climbing the walls this weekend. It has been really wet outside, so he has been on a strictly business relationship with the outside world.

I was taking him out front on his leash when he had to go to the restroom in an attempt to keep him out of the mud. It was going along great for the first couple of hours, but since his prednisone causes him to make water every 20 minutes, I grew quite wary, rather quickly!

Finally I thought to myself... it's been a good while since it's rained... perhaps he could go out back without tracking in a bunch of mud. What a fool I was! Haha.

His restricted access to the back yard has him chock full of excess energy. At one point, I was sitting on the couch and he literally jumped in my lap like a chihuahua. This was the first time he pulled off this particular hilarious feat. I wish I had some evidence to share.

I've been trying to teach him some new tricks. He's doing fine with his old ones, but is rather stubborn so far on the new ones. I'll post a video when we make some progress.

I do have some photos to share from last week... enjoy!

mmm... boney goodness!

mmm... couch privileges!

On the way to the vet

Enjoyin the car ride

Goofy face

Lookin' sharp!


Are we there yet? 

How about now?

I like this shot

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We have 24 left haha :)

Very suave!!


  1. Hi All - it sounds like Skelly is doing great! It is too bad about the rain and mud and constant trips out though - hopefully it will get nicer out soon!

  2. Oh Skelly is looking amazing and acting so lovely!! Go Skelly!!! I hope he's getting better - well done everyone!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics - what a STAR!

    Good luck with the t-shirt sales - they look really good!

    Take care

  3. Skelly looks awesome. We are so glad to here he is doing better. He looks so happy.

  4. I promise I will order a shirt as soon as I'm back on my feet financially. Could be awhile though. :(

    Have you thought of holding an online auction or something similar to raise money for Skelly? There was one over the weekend to raise funds for another dog and they raised over $1200. Just an idea.

    Skelly looks so good!


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