Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Got a call from Dr. Fish

We've got good news, even better news, and of course, some not-quite-so-thrilling news about the Echocardiogram.

The good news is that Dr. Fish has called in a favor at Julington Creek Animal Hospital, another clinic here in town. They are going to waive their exam fee and let me bring Skeletor in as one of their patients for the Echo.

The even better news is that Dr. Borde, a renowned cardiologist from Gainesville's Institute of Veterinary Specialists will be performing the procedure! This means that not only will he deliver the results, but can also offer his professional opinion about Skeletor's condition.

Skeletor has lucked out in more ways than one. Dr. Borde charges a travel fee to come up from Gainesville. He just happens to be here for another patient at precisely the moment that Skeletor needs the echocardiogram.

The nice folks at Julington Creek will be offering Dr. Borde's services at cost, meaning they won't be making any money off of the visit. We're quite grateful for this! Thanks to Dr. Rod Winchester for setting it up!

The not-quite-as-thrilling-news is that cardiologists charge a bit more than radiologists to perform this procedure. Dr. Fish said the price tag may be in the $350 range.

I'm happy to announce that a few people have sent in some donations to help with Skelly's vet bills. Thank you very much! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have contacted over 50 shelters and organizations in hopes of getting attention to Skelly's cause. I did some research on the heartworm surgery and it's looking like it will be in the $3,000 range. *yowza!*

Dr. Fish mentioned on the phone that Skeletor has some very bright minds working together to try and save his life. Of course, there will be no guarantees, and we have our fund raising work cut out for us, but all this positive news is great to hear.

Let's hope those grants start pouring in! I'll be dropping Skeletor off with the cardiologist tomorrow morning.


  1. I'm so glad to hear some good news! If some guy pays me for the grueling ,sun baking work I did cleaning his boat I'll send a few bucks your way.
    That is wonderful the way the top docs have fallen into place! Yee haw! I hope he has some great ideas for Skeletors cure.

    Love Mom

  2. Oh that is great news that you are getting him in to see someone so good, and for such a great cost. It is great that they are doing this - it shows how much they must love animals to help! We are still sending tons of purrs and prayers and keeping our fingers crossed for a good result!

  3. Oh please please please let these bright minds find a solution for Skelly!! He truly deserves the best. I can only hope that the campaign you've started for Skelly will help, I hope so!


    Take care

  4. Thank you for letting us know because we know how busy you are!! And we can always use good news!

  5. Oh, that is some much needed good news. We are moved that these folks love animals so much that they are willing to work with you. We love you, Skelly, and are sending our bestest purrs and prayers!

  6. I feel so much better now! He's going to be in excellent hands. It's good to know that Dr. Borde is more interested in animals than just $. The stars are aligning for Skeletor! I really feel like everything's going to be ok now.

  7. We will be keeping paws crossed!


  8. cant wait for the next bit of good news :)
    still purring loud for Skelly here


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