Monday, August 23, 2010

Skelly Threads T-Shirts are in! Plus how to make spoiled dog soup.

I'm excited to announce the arrival of the first batch of Skelly Threads shirts. They turned out GREAT! I only ordered 25 of them, so quantities are rather limited. (especially if you're size small or medium)

Place your order on the Skelly Threads Page. Please send in photos of you rockin' your Skelly Threads, and indicate whether or not you want them to be published on the blog. Pics can be emailed to Skeletor (at)


Here's a little tutorial: How to make spoiled doggie surprise!

Cut up and pan fry the cheapest steak you can find.

Boil a pack of beef marrow bones (usually 4 in a pack for $2-3)

Add the meat to the boiling water. Reduce heat and cook for at least 1 hour. (feel free to cook for longer... this will cause the meat to fall off and out of the marrow bones)

Cut up and add carrots, rice, beans, barley, pasta, and/or potato.
Continue to cook for 45 minutes. (you don't want to cook too long at this point because your veggies will turn to mush.)

Check and make sure the spoiled doggie in question is hungry. 

Fill his dish with a heaping cup of dry food, then add 2 ladles full of the soup.
Make sure the soup isn't too hot. If it is, just add some ice.

*Nom Nom Nom!*


  1. That actually looks kind of good!

    Yay, the shirt I voted for won.

  2. Awesome! I am SO glad things have turned out well. Does this recipe make the dog gain weight? Soul needs to add on a few lbs after his surgery.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that he's eating again. Now you'll have to become a puppy chef to the stars :)

  4. You should write a recipe book for doggies like Skelly!!! That's one amazing soup!! What a lucky doggie!! Go Skelly!!!

    Good luck with the t-shirts!! They look great!

    Take care

  5. He certainly looks like he has put on weight. I'll find out for sure next time I take him to the Vet. I might do that today!

  6. We love pork bones in our soup! Im glad Skelly enjoyed his meal!


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