Monday, August 9, 2010

Skelly's been having trouble keeping his food down

It's no surprise with all the medications he's on. Skeletor has been throwing up quite a bit. At first I thought it was just because he was eating too much at once, but Dr. Fish said that vomiting is a side effect of both the Vetmedin and the Doxycycline that Skeletor is taking.

Nausea would explain his mood swings. One minute he's happy as a clam, then he's reclusive and depressed the next.

This morning he was licking his chops constantly... I sensed that an upchuck was coming so I went and quickly opened the back door... he made it all the way to the threshold but couldn't hold it in. Poor little guy.

Dr. Fish has instructed me to skip his evening dose of vetmedin so we can try and find out which medication is causing the vomiting. If we have to, he says we'll give Skeletor something to help with his stomach. He certainly needs the meds and the food to stay inside of him!!! It does nobody any good all over the carpet :(


  1. Oh poor Skelly - that has to suck a lot for him to feel so queasy - hopefully you can find out which meds it is so he can go on something to fix it. We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed that you figure it out quickly!

  2. Hi, we are new to your blog! I hope that Skelly's tummy settles down. We are keeping our paws crossed for him!

    Haylie and Fred

  3. Oh poor Skelly. :-(

    I hope easing on the medication dosage helps a little. It's no good if he's just vomiting the lot out.

    Good luck!! Go Skelly!
    Take care

  4. We are still purring for Skelly! We jsut read about the cost of the Viagara and were shocked! We will certainly be purring and praying that a less expensive alternative can be found...quickly!

  5. I hope you're able to figure out which med it is quick because not keeping anything down certainly isn't going to help him get any better, especially since he needs to keep those meds down!


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