Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A day without regurgitation

I'm pleased to report that I did not clean up a single pile of puke all day! Yesterday, Dr. Fish advised me to stop giving Skelly the Vetmedin so we can figure out what's making him hurl his biscuits. It looks like we nailed it on the first try. Vomiting and Nausea are side effects of both the Vetmedin and the Doxycycline. Given Skelly's reputation, it's only suitable that he suffers any possible side effect!

It would seem that his strange behavior and lack of appetite can be explained by the nausea. Let's face it, nobody acts like their normal chipper self when they are struggling to keep their food down.

Skeletor has lost weight during all of this. We're hoping that he'll start putting it on soon. He has done very well today. He rolled around on the couch rubbing his face into the cushions (which I've decided he's allowed on now hah!) After all, what are a couple dog hairs and some wear and tear on the cheapest couch and love seat they had at Sticks n Stuff when compared to the comfort and morale of this sick little pup? We can focus more seriously on his manners when the threat to his very existence has been neutralized!

He was even allowed on my bed yesterday.
Spoiled doggy alert!!!

Today he literally devoured a big bowl of food that I whipped up for him consisting of 1/3 can of dog food and a ladle of beef and carrot soup drizzled over a half cup of dry kibble. I was just nervously awaiting the chunky waterworks but he kept it down!! Way to go, Skelly!

This is really great news considering just a couple days ago he was so weak that he wouldn't even try to chew anything. I was lucky to get him to lap up some broth. I've been cooking soup for him quite often these days. Usually I can pick up some beef neck or marrow bones for about two bucks. Boil this for an hour with some carrots and pearled barley, et voila! Skelly goes gow-gow! Soup is also great because it's all kinds of hydrating. Another added bonus... it doesn't stink the house up like liver!!

Speaking of hydration, I got him one of those 2 gallon water dispensers and he's scared of the bubbles that float up as he drinks.
Yes, this is the same dog that just lies there as you vacuum or shampoo the rug 6 inches from his face!

He's also been perfecting his door opening skills. I've been trying to teach him to open the door when he wants to go outside. It's tough because we usually keep it locked.

He's not quite well enough to care much about toys like he once did, however I was letting him lick some mashed potatoes off a wood spoon earlier and he wanted to take the whole spoon from me. We played tug of war just like old times :)

I hope he continues to improve. I know we need to get him back on the Vetmedin in order for his heart to repair itself. Dr. Fish may prescribe something for the nausea so he can get his food and meds. So far, we're at a standstill on the Viagra. Dr. Fish told me that we'll come up with something. The Viagra was prescribed for a reason, but that kind of money could also be used to cure the root of Skelly's ailments, the heartworm infection itself.


  1. Small steps!

    Mom has read some other pups that were a bit startled by the water bubbles!

    Paws khrossed fur Skelly!


  2. We often put the dogs at our shelter on generic Pepcid when they have trouble keeping food down or have general stomach upset. Could this possibly help poor Skelly?

    The water bubbles thing is hilarious! They're always so brave until something catches them by surprise!

  3. Go Skelly!!! What a good good good dog!!! I have everything, everything crossed for him!!

    Take care

  4. That's our boy! Hang in there Skells! :-D

  5. Well, how did I miss this yesterday?? What good news!!

  6. That is great that Skelly was able to eat and keep it down! It is too bad that it is the medicine making him sick that he needs but hopefully the vet can figure something out.

    And for the viagra - try searching for Revatio - it is the pulmonary version of the generic Sildenafil, which is also the generic of Viagra. It does appear to come in the 20 mg doses. Wish I could help out more on that one!

  7. I love your new blog background! So glad to hear that Skelly seems to be doing so much better. I was seriously worried about him for awhile there!

  8. i work with a rescue and recently took in a dog from an animal cruelty case. i dealt with many of the same health issues that you are dealing with. Pepcid AC did miracles for the constant vomiting that came along with the heavy medications. if he's still having a problem keeping food in you may want to give it a try. i gave just one pill each morning right before breakfast. also fig newtons are awesome when it comes to giving a dog medications. you just stuff the pills in the gooey part and they munch them right in :) best of luck with Skeletor. you guys rock!!


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