Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ready for round 2 with the immiticide

I'm happy to report that Skeletor is looking and acting as healthy as a horse. He is due this week for round two of two of his heartworm injections. I'm going to call San Juan Animal Hospital today and see when Dr. Chick will be available for me to drop him off.

A bit of TMI for you...
Skeletor seems to have experienced his first case of "morning wood." The other morning he was making some strange sounds. I let him out of his cage and he was frantically licking himself. It appeared that he was in pain. I was a little concerned. Upon close inspection, I was actually more concerned. It appeared that his "lipstick" was trying to pop out sideways. I looked understandably painful.

After he calmed down a bit, the swelling went down and he was back to normal. This is seriously the first time I've seen him "get excited" since we rescued him. This must mean that his body is healthy enough to start producing reproductive hormones!

Sorry it turned out to be a painful experience Skeletor, but I'm pretty sure it's a good sign! I'll be sure and mention the incident to Dr. Chick later this week.

In other news, Skelly has been out of Viagra for over a week and his coughing has not really gotten any worse! It's still fairly rare... mostly in the mornings and sometimes he'll get through a morning without a single cough.

This one is my favorite. Look at that grin haha!

It's becoming a bit of an artform - waking him up and trying not to get him coughing... I let him out of his cage as quickly as possible so he doesn't have time to get antsy. For the first 5 or 10 minutes I don't give him much attention. Once he calms down a bit, then he often gets the belly rubs he's after.

Like I said... some days he doesn't cough at all!

We're all very excited about his final stage of heartworm treatment! Go Skelly!


  1. Go Skelly!! And I love the last picture. He is so happy.

  2. Go Skelly, GO! We're all pulling for you in this last push to a healthy-happy pup!

  3. Oh Skelly!!! I love that grin!! What a cutie!! I have everything crossed for him!! It's great to read about his cough not getting any worse!! He is such a bundle of energy that getting overly excited is perhaps understandable and I'm just glad you are there to help him calm down!! GO SKELLY!! Take care

  4. Go Skelly! Round 2 here you come! Skelly=1 Heartworms=0!!


  5. He's such a happy dog! You've done an excellent job of taking care of him.

    Hey, I wore my shirt around campus after I got it in the mail. I was walking in one of the hallways when I passed a girl sitting on one of the benches. She started smiling really big when she saw my shirt. I wondered if she reads your blog. Should've asked her...


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