Monday, January 31, 2011

Skeletor was reunited with his old flame

I'm a total dullard for not busting out the camera. Kim dropped by for a visit and brought Skelly's old pal, Sophie. They had a great time chasing each other around the house. Skelly's bark went up a few octaves with excitement.

While Kim was removing her curtain rods, I let the dogs in the back yard so they could play together. Fat chance.. the spoiled little punks were barking and jumping on the door dying to get back inside 2 minutes later and would not stop. Tsk tsk tsk!!!

In other news, Skeletor's cough seems to be a little more common lately. This could possibly be related to his running out of Viagra. He's due for the second and final round of heartworm injections in about a week!

I have requested that Dr. Chick write me a prescription for some Viagra. I figure that 6 weeks at 25mg per day should be good. This equates to 21 50mg tablets. I'm hoping that I can find a cheap source.

Aside from the coughing, Skeletor's been doing very well. His gums are pink, his tail's a waggin', his appetite is strong, and he's full of that signature spunk!

Two months from now, this whole heartworm fiasco will be a thing of the past. Guess who will be on a regular dose of heartworm preventative? Skeletor and every dog I ever own, that's who!!!

If your dog isn't on heartworm preventative, you may want to consider changing that ;)


  1. Glad he got to see his girlie friend and that he's doing so well.

    Love Mom

  2. Awwww yay for Skelly and Sophie! Awwwww!!! What a fab reunion!!

    Good luck with the meds and the viagra!!! Go Skelly!!! What a fighter!! Take care

  3. Wes, how could you not take pictures of Skelly and Sophie? They're the cutest ever!

    If you can't get the Viagra cheap, let people know. I'd be happy to chip in a couple bucks to keep Skelly healthy!

  4. I love hearing how well he's doing! I hope that cough goes away and I'm real glad he had fun with his old friend!

  5. hi Everyone! We are so beind - we hope that Skelly is doing ok! And that is great that he got to hang out with Sophie for a while - that had to make him so happy!


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