Monday, January 3, 2011

Skeletor unvacuuming my office

This silly hound seems to be in high spirits. I had just vacuumed my office yesterday. Guess what I get to do tomorrow?


  1. This is why we don't have any stuffy toys! :)

  2. Unvacuuming? Perfect! Ha. My grandpa, rest his soul, would stand watching his and my granny's Dalmatian dog Bobbie doing to her bed pretty much what Skelly there is doing to his, and he'd always go "having a ripping time!" in his little-old-man-English accent... you've just refreshed a happy memory, so thankyou!

    Bobbie-dog is right near the end of her life now, 15 years old is not young for any dog let alone a pedigree Dalmatian and she's as skinny as Skelly was in his first days with you, and it won't be long until she joins my grandpa in the big park of the hereafter. Wish I had videos of her giving a bed the Skelly treatment now - treasure what you have. :)

    Ooo, just a thing I spotted, about a minute into the vid you ask Skelly to roll over - he's busy killing the bed and *totally* ignores you, but I figured you could maybe use a reminder that you've just accidentally reinforced that it's okay to ignore you while he's playing, by giving a command and not following it through. You're doing SO great with that pup, it would be a shame to set yourself up for trouble later...

    Cheers and all the best

  3. I think that pink thingy's had it!! Skelly the Terminator of all pink things!! LOL!!! I think so long as he's having such fun it's great!! Sorry about the vacuuming - but look at how happy he is!! LOL! Take care

  4. Skelly is freeing the sheep trapped in bed. FREE THE SHEEP! FREE THE SHEEP!

    It's a skill that Pit Bulls excel at!

  5. Pink is too girly for him! lol

    At first I thought it was a stuffed animal he was chewing up but then I realized it was Sophie's bed.

    Hey, are you still selling Skelly shirts? I don't have a paypal account though.

  6. Skelly is looking FINE! Is he totally HW free now? Isn't it lovely to see him being so thorough in his work/play? He does need to learn to listen even when he's totally committed to whatever he's doing, however - just like us, mama says. So living in a glass house, we'll shut up. [Sometimes we don't know what mama goes on about. Our house is not glass! It has regular walls and stuff.]

    Jed & Abby

  7. hahaha he is so adoraBULL. I love the beginning when hes in a permanent play bow while destroying that lol

  8. Looks like Skelly owes someone a new bed!! Hasta la vista, baby!

  9. It is so good to see him having such a good time! I totally cracked up when he got it stuck over his head, that was hilarious!!!

    Glad to hear his heart/lungs and bloodwork are doing good!!!

    Kirby's mom


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