Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy "Birthday" Skeletor!

That's right! It was one year ago today that this bony little guy wandered up to my front porch. Our best guess is that he was about a year old at the time, so what better day for his birthday?

A lot has changed since that day. Skeletor has gone from 37 to nearly 67 lbs. His coat has gone from straw to silk. His bed sores are barely noticeable scars. He has become quite the spoiled pup. He's a complete inside dog now. He never sets food in his dog house. He's one of the pack! He has learned quite a few nifty tricks. He has undergone both of his heartworm injections!

Just a few short weeks from now, Skelly should be "out of the woods" so to speak. At that point the dangers of exercise will be reduced. He'll be able to go on walks and visits to parks and beaches! He's certainly been bored out of his mind cooped up in the house all the time with 2 cats that don't want to play with him. I've also got a new girly friend I'm going to introduce him to soon. A very friendly pit bull named Shay.

For his special day, Mel and I took Skelly to Petsmart to have his nails grinded. It was his first time ever. He was a bit nervous, but thrilled to see all the people and dogs. Mel bought him a huge bone (video on that below) and I got him a comfy pad for his kennel.

Happy Birthday Skeletor! You've really enriched my life this past year and I'm happy to have been given the chance to help save yours!


  1. hhaaapppyyyyy bdayyyyy yayyy!!!!! love the pics!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day RE-birthday Skelly!

    I so remember the first posts of you -

    You are one furry lucky canine!

    I bet you would have liked my Sunday passenger Pebs - she's a looker like you!

  3. Awww... that brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy that Skelly found you. Happy Birthday Skeletor!

    love Mom
    p.s. can't wait to see the video :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Skelly!

    He really likes that bone.

  5. Our Sammy has a similar story. We found him wandering down a highway while traveling through Tennessee in January 2010. He was hard to miss, as he's a Great Pyrenees! We put him in the car and called the number on his collar but they said he'd been brought to the pound so we took him home. He was emaciated, but still a giant gentle soul. We found out he had heartworm as well. He underwent the treatment almost a year ago and got his all-clear in October. Sammy went from 67 to about 120# and is now a tiny bit jelly-bellied but you know what? He deserves it. He is our angel bear. We will give him an extra hug on your account tonight and wish the same for Skelly. Thank you for saving him!


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