Monday, February 28, 2011

Local dog has a money saving epiphany and an old friend moves across town

Skeletor finally decided that his chewable heart pills are actually chewable! Hooray! This means a drastic reduction in the number of pill pockets per day (PPD) this guy uses up ;)

Way to go Skeletor!

We're about 2 weeks out from his next vet visit. He has been doing fantastically! He's been working on a couple of new tricks. His energy levels are up. I've actually cut back a little on his feedings because he was starting to look a little chunky.

While he still prefers his bed or the couch, he seems to be enjoying the comfy new pad inside his crate.

Skelly's pal Insano has gone to live with his soulmate, Ian. Insano is a rather old cat (11 years old this year) and as you may have noticed in the videos, is not a fan of Skelly's antics. I think Insano will enjoy his golden years a bit more if he doesn't have a feisty puppy yelling in his face.

I miss Insano already. He's the best cat in the world. One of these days, I'll locate the video of Insano's youthful days when he was an acrobat. It's great stuff! The furry menace was kind enough to leave a bloody forget-me-not on the side of my neck as I was carrying him to the car.

Ian says that Insano is doing what he does best... making sure the furniture doesn't float away, and seeing to it that every comfy surface and clean garment of clothing is outfitted with a nice layer of cat hair.


  1. What's a little hair among friends? :)

  2. Isn't Ian the kid who's allergic to cats? I hope Insano came with some allergy meds :)

    Love Mom

  3. Yay for Skelly!!!! Awww Insano - what a cutie! I hope y'all get to see him often though! Take care

  4. Insano is a cutie! It is good that he can spend his olden days in a calmer situation! And it is great that Skelly is eating his edible pills now - we have gotten so behind so it is good to hear how well he is doing!!


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