Monday, February 14, 2011

He's back!

Skelly is very pathetic. He moves like he is underwater. He doesn't want much to do with his food.

However this is pretty much normal after a painful shot of immiticide.

Dr chick said he's doing very well. Looking better than ever! Skeletor tipped the scales at nearly 65lbs.

Tonight, I'm letting him sleep in my bed. I can tell that he's jumping for joy under his lethargic exterior.

Dr chick was surprised that skelly ran out of Viagra over a week ago. He said that we should try and keep him on it and reminded me that skeletor is and may always suffer from pulmonary hypertension.

Poor little guy!

Well gnite!


  1. Welcome home Skelly Belly! You've earned that sleep in the nice comfy bed. Go Skelly go!!

  2. Yea for Skelly - hope he feels better in the morning - he so deserves a nice sleep-time in a comfy bed.
    Mom Beaglebratz

  3. poor Kiddo.. but i surely hope he is doing alot better now and will only get better from here on..


  4. Oh Skelly!! I'm so glad he's home now!! I hope he rests and takes things easy, poor sweet Skelly!!!

    take care

  5. Hope he's feeling back to his happy self soon!

  6. Hope he's returned back to his happy self now. Poor little guy!


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