Friday, November 19, 2010

Teaching your dog not to bark at your cat

As you've seen in some of Skeletor's videos, he gets his kicks barking at Insano.

This is very entertaining unless you're trying to talk on the phone with a customer, or watching a movie in the living room.

After many complaints and dirty looks from the roommates, I decided to try and teach him not to bark at the cat.

Whenever he would bark, I would correct him by saying "no". After three no's, I said "timeout" and put him in his cage for 5 minutes.  Oh, and talk about pathetic! The first minute in timeout, he's silent.. then he starts with the most pathetic noises you ever heard. Nice try punk! :)

I wasn't sure if it was working until this morning. He was following Insano around and looked like he was going to begin going nuts and barking at him. Without having to say "no" even once, Skeletor resisted, and didn't let out a single bark! He was kinda making weird monkey noises, but no full on bark!

This is great news... his barks are enough to cause permanent hearing damage :)

He's one smart pup! Such a great learner.

With Skeletor not barking in his face,  Insano is now free
to do what he does best... absolutely nothing!

Next, I've got to teach Skelly not to go crazy when somebody rings the doorbell.


  1. If you get the doorbell thing to work, please let me know how you did it :) Even the doorbells on TV do it.

  2. Awwww good for lovely Skelly!!! And gorgeous Insano may now have peaceful naps! Take care

  3. Yes, please let us know how you get Skells to quit barking at doorbells. Like JackDaddy, my dog barks even when he hears one on tv.


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