Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Skeletor's new trick: Close the door

We've been working on this one for a while. I wouldn't say that Skelly has perfected it, but he's getting rather good! See for yourself...

"Why would a dog need such a skill?" you might ask. Well, as I may have mentioned before, Skeletor's prednisone makes him a very thirsty animal. All that water has got to go someplace. Fortunately, he is hardcore potty trained and does his business outside.

Sometimes, and I'm not exaggerating here... Skeletor will need to go out 5 minutes after he has just come back in. He just loves making lemonade... and lots of it!

Lately, he's been on a new kick where he gets really impatient and obnoxious when he has to go out. He'll bark and jump on you if you don't comply with his demands.

Once he gets the hang of this highly marketable skill, he'll be 30% less obnoxious and 50% more self-sufficient! Go Skelly!


  1. It took a while before he got around to it, but I just convinced him to close the door while sitting on the love seat the whole time. The door was wide open too. He started pulling it closed from outside, then he walked in and continued pulling it. It came close to being all the way closed, but was not latched. He kept pulling until it closed completely!

    woo hoo! :)

  2. WOW!!!! Go Skelly!!! Awwww what a super duper intelligent doggie!!! That's just brilliant to see! Thank you! and he's looking really really good too!

    Take care

  3. What a SUPERSTAR!! Look out Mick Jagger, Skelly's in da house!!

  4. what a good boy! you need to tie a big knot on the end of that strap for him :)

  5. Hello, Skelly. We're a couple of rescue doggies who just discovered your blog. We just wanted to say what a handsome, clever boy you are! We actually have a doggie door so we can go in and out at will, but if you can't fit one of those in your house, then knowing how to open & close the door is very handy. Of course, if you can open the FRONT door, too, then you can go walkabout whenever you want.

    Paws crossed that you will have a successful treatment & recovery with the HW. Mama rescued a stray once who was badly infected, and he lived to tell the tale. We're pulling for you , buddy.

    Oh - isn't there something besides Viagra you can take for HBP? There are lots of generic human meds for HBP that cost about $10 month or less. If you could take Viagra, why couldn't you take one of those?

    Jed & Abby

  6. Could just see him standing there thinking, But isn't that what you're here for? :)

  7. Skelly dude, you are so smart!Way to go! Glad to hear the first part of your heartworm treatment is underway and you are doing okay! I know you can beat it dude!


  8. Dang Skelly! Your so smart!


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