Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inspiration comes from the strangest of places

Before reading on, you should read this post from last month if you haven't already... Hot Pencil Erasers

Recently, I have linked the mysteriously foul aroma emitted by our friend Skeletor to Purina brand canned dog food.

After having switched to generic Publix brand, Skelly seemed to have his little gas problem under control. Last week, I got the Purina again because it was on sale.

Lo, and behold! The horribly bad, paint-peelin' funk is back in full swing!!

Did I mention that Skelly's favorite place to hang out ALL DAY LONG while I'm working is DIRECTLY UNDER MY DESK?!?!?!???

Here's the proof! 

On the left is the wheel of my chair. On the right is my computer. :)

Needless to say... hot pencil eraser clouds (much like hot air balloons) tend to float up! 
Having been subjected to Skeletor's deadly fumes all day, I felt a fit of dementia coming on, so I channeled that energy into creating this nifty illustration... 
 Thank you for the inspiration Skeletor. You are the foul-smelling wind beneath my wings! :)


  1. LOL. I wonder if Bette Midler is going to record that song? :)

  2. How thoughtful of Skelly to inspire you...I'm sure he did out of love! You know you are helping him...he's helping you. I totally laughed at the new door pull idea. Isn't it wonderful when we have these great plans, but the dogs think something totally different!

    Kirby and his mom

  3. I'm not sure which made me laugh more, your post or Kirby's comment!

  4. Awwww Skelly!!! You are a true inspiration if a little windy - but never mind!! You're adorable!! And sweet Sophie too! Take care


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