Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Skeletor is at the vet... is he ready to begin heartworm treatment?

Ian took Skelly to the vet. Stay tuned for the news...

[update] - I spoke with Ian and Dr. Guill on the phone.  As is part for the course, we've got good news and hard truths!

The good news: The steroids are working well enough to keep Skeletor's anemia in check.

The hard truth: Skelly still has high blood pressure. Something that could be helped by Viagra we can't afford.  :(

The good news: The vet is standing by, ready to perform the first step of Skelly's treatment, which will be administering the preventative to kill the baby worms.

The hard truth: Money money money! Saving Skeletor's life has proven to be one expensive project. Today's visit cost $173.50. The preventative visit will cost $95. The injections will total roughly $600.

The good news: Skeletor's weight has leveled out. Today he weighed 62.5lbs. Good job Skelly!

The hard truth: The doc was quoted in saying: "If we don't treat the heartworm disease, he will die. If we do treat the heartworm disease, he may still die."

The bad news: Dr. Guill said that Skelly's was the worse case of heartworm disease that he's ever seen. The X-Ray revealed that his lungs and heart are full of worms and sludge.

The doc said that for as sick as he is, Skeletor is as healthy as he is going to get. The treatment will be a risk, but Skeletor's best chance at survival is to kill the worms now. He is definitely not getting any healthier and there's no telling how long his lungs will continue to function.

It's time for us to do a little fund raising. We have a clear goal in mind. The t-shirts didn't work. I'm not sure what will. I'm going to do some brainstorming.

Basically the treatment plan mentioned above, plus the balance on Skelly's Care Credit card add up to about $1,000. This figure actually pales in comparison to what it has taken to get Skelly to this point. (a spectacular feat that would have been utterly impossible without your kind donations, spreading the word, suggestions, and moral support!!)

Let's not get choked up over all the bad news and hard truths! This is the crossroads we've been headed for since day one! Skeletor is a fighter. He's been training since February for this very moment.

He has nearly doubled his body weight. 
He has taken countless pills.
He bounced back from a fierce battle with anemia. 
He learned all sorts of manners and tricks.
He developed a winning smile and the personality to back it up.
He has turned his pathetic whimper into a fierce and manly bark!
He has gained confidence. 
He's had tons of fun. 
He has developed exquisite taste in dog food.
He has provoked inanimate objects to attack

He's ready to beat these worms once and for all!



  1. I have everything crossed for Skelly! Go Skelly!! Take care

  2. Have you tried a "chip in" account?

  3. I know you tried to auction off t-shirts on e-bay, I still have the badge on my blog.

    Have you thought about holding your own auction (not necessarily on e-bay) or having a sale to raise funds for Skelly? Like maybe approach some dog/pet companies to be sponsors. Maybe they'd give you some prizes. Or you could ask your faithful readers to donate stuff.

    There was an online auction recently for another dog which raised over $1200 for vet bills. I could ask for more information if you'd like to find out how they did it.

    Just trying to think of ways to raise money. I wish I could send you some but I don't have a job and my unemployment is about to run out at the end of the month.

  4. Aww, Skelly :( you poor guy! I have no doubts you'll bounce back! You are a fighter! You can make it!

    I'll definitely be donating when I can and doing everything I can to get the word out there!

  5. I don't know if you would be able to add Skelly's story here:

    But you may want to try? They have sections for Health and supposedly individual people are fine to put up their cause. You need a lot of people to vote once everyday, though and must make it to the top 10 to win, but just an idea? Not sure if Skeletor has enough "fans" to vote you guys up to the top 10, but it's worth a shot!

  6. maybe ask your pals to have a group yard sale. All proceeds from the junk (I mean treasures) could go towards helping Skelly. I might be able to help out if you decide it's a good idea (although I'm not sure how much junk I might have to contribute).

  7. w00fs, was gonna suggest having a auction for here...ask people for donations then auction it.. mayb get doggys and kittys both to donate stuff...i can put it on the DWB news and my facebook page, if u would like, contact me..if u decide this would b something u would like to do..

    b safe,

  8. Holdin the most pawsitive thoughts for you Skelly!

    Waggin at ya,

  9. Go get 'em, Skelly. Those worms can be beaten. Our own beauty, a rescued Husky named Katya, had a bad case when we first adopted her; she'd been living wild for a long time, and was a very sick dog. Those first few months were touch and go, but tackling the problem is the only way to go. Our Katya made a ull recovery: With such a love for life and a joyous attitude, I have no doubt that Skeletor will also survive and thrive!
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