Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Skeletor AKA Hercules gets some good PR

First, I'd like to thank Pam and Oskar from over at Pet Blogs United for inviting Skelly and I to pop in and guest post. Skelly's story is scheduled to air tomorrow (November 17th).

Be sure and stop by for a read :)
Tell 'em Skelly sent ya!

An unrelated photo:
"Aaaaaaah!!!" - This dog loves hanging out upside-down.

Next, a Skelly training update...

So as you could see in the amazing "door closing" video, Skeletor was having a little bit of trouble getting a good grip on the leather belt. If only his mouth opened sideways like an ant, he'd be in business!

I decided that maybe a better grip would help him perfect his art.

I found an old wubba that he had long since torn to shreds. I thought the soft straps would make for a good grip. I removed the belt, and started the metamorphosis. (For those who don't know, a wubba is a dog toy that looks kinda like a squid.)

After some hole drilling and a bunch of new zip ties, the modified leather belt was attached, and boasted 4 soft straps that should be very easy for Skeletor to grab.

I let the impatient hound back in the house to try it out. Before he even came inside, he became very interested in the new door handle.

I asked him to "close the door." He clamped his mighty jaws around the part where the belt wrapped around the wubba and began pulling from outside. "Skeletor... pull the door shut, silly."

The destructive maniac had other plans... within seconds, he had ripped the belt clean off the door and was already half way through shredding what remained of the wubba...

Jeez, Hercules! I guess that plan backfired! Perhaps a good grip wasn't such a great idea. This burlyman is likely to rip the door clean off!

So, I have not yet attached the belt back to the knob, but I had better do so before he forgets the ninja jedi door closing training that he has learned thus far.

And then, I wanted to update you on the status of Skeletor's auction. 
The bidding frenzy is off to a great start! The bid is currently up to $40 for this fine work of art!

Place your bid using the form on the right of the page! ---->

More unrelated photos:
Ian and Skelly - lounging on the couch

"Aww man... I was here first!"

Well, that's about it for now.
Have a great day! 


  1. Might as well get S his own couch now! :)

  2. Awww Skelly gets the couch - sorry Ian!! LOL!!

    I look forward to reading Skelly's piece on PBU!! Yay!! And good luck finding a belt replacement!! Skelly will close that door yet, you wait!! :-) Take care

  3. I look forward to reading Skelly's piece on PBU!!!

  4. LOL good luck keeping your door intact!! Love his expression in the first couch photo!



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