Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Skelly Threads Heart and Crossbones Shirt on eBay - Size XL

Place your bids on this fabulous tee shirt featuring the adorable Skelly Threads logo.
Size XL (I also have large available if you prefer. Just let me know when you check out)

Click here and place your bid!
Proceeds will go towards paying off Skeletor's credit card.

I got him a care credit card when he needed the emergency echocardiogram.
It's a nice enough card as long as I can pay it off quickly enough. Zero interest for 6 months.
After that... yowza... let's just say I need to pay it off before then :)


  1. I soooooo wish I had a job so I could get one of these! I'd probably even give you a little extra if I had it.

  2. Thanks for the thought! I know you would if you could and I appreciate that!

    I hope this one fetches a pretty penny.

    Business is slow for me and his vet bills are not slowing down :(


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