Friday, October 15, 2010

Home from the Vet - Skelly's condition update

We're home from what I considered to be a positive visit to the doc. (despite some of the hard truths that the doctor brought up)

On the way to the Vet, Skeletor was saying hi in a very loud fashion to the lady next to us at the stop light. She seemed to get a kick out of it. 

Within seconds, the bed sheet I spread across the back seat was wadded up in a ball. Nice work Skelly :)

"Be patient" is a trick Skeletor has yet to master!

He was very interested in a wiener dog he met in the waiting room. She was NOT interested in him :)

Skelly was determined to be heard by every person and pet in the building.

He was practicing his monkey impressions as well. 

"Jeez, can we go back already!?"

"I'm sick of waiting!"

Sit Skeletor! 

 Good Boy!

The Good News is that this monster of a dog weighed in at over 64lbs! I have not been trying to put any more weight on him, but it seems that he has other ideas. 

The Even Better News is that his blood is looking GREAT! His red cell count is up to a whopping 48.46%. This is well within the normal range of 37-55. Way to go Skelly! 

The Other News

Dr. Chick said that he had a chance to hear Skelly's heart during the brief moments when he was not panting from excitement. Dr. Chick explained that his heavy breathing is due not only to excitement, but also to the deteriorated state of Skelly's heart and lungs. Skeletor's heart murmur was noticeable.  I would hypothesize that the heavy breathing is also due in part to his pulmonary hypertension. (the constricting of blood vessels between his heart and lungs that is apparently only treatable by the ever-elusive Viagra)

Dr. Chick explained that the damage that has been and continues to be caused to Skeletor's heart is most likely irreparable. (meaning that the damage is most likely permanent) The heart medication he is on is intended to slow down the rate at which he heart takes damage from the parasites. 

Skelly was prescribed an additional heart medication (Enalapril) to take along with his Vetmedin. His prednisone dose has been cut in half. 

He's scheduled for another checkup in 2 weeks. Let's hope that his blood remains stabilized during the prednisone weening period! That lousy recurring anemia is the major thing preventing Skelly from beginning heartworm treatment. 

I asked Dr. Chick if I could take Skelly out for the occasional walk. He said that it was OK provided that I keep them short and cool. He assured me that with heart problems like Skeletor's, too much excitement could literally cause him to collapse and never get back up. 

With the permanent damage to his heart and lungs, Skeletor may never run in dog marathons or swim across the English Channel, but I'm going to continue doing whatever I can to prolong and improve his time on earth. 

Go Skelly! 


  1. Thanks for sharing the good news and the reality news -

    We know you are doing the very best for Skelly!

  2. Oh Skelly!! What a trouper!! It's great that he's thriving as much as he is able. It's also horrible to know that his heart and lungs are as they are. I'm hoping that despite this his prognosis is as good as it can ever be. I am so so glad he has you to care for him. Go Wesley and Skelly!

    Take care

  3. Hello Dude,

    Wow so nice! I like this site. Keep it working every day.


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