Friday, October 1, 2010

More drugs for Skelly

Today I had to make a run for my favorite pill poppin' pal, Skeletor.

Thanks to Greenie's Pill Pockets, he's become quite the little hypochondriac! He struggles to sit absolutely still while trembling and panting with anticipation every time I walk over to his "pill station."

He's got quite a little boneyard of empty bottles going here. What am I saving them for? I don't know. Maybe I'll tie them together one day and create a life raft?

At the vet's office, I couldn't help to chuckle at what a wicked cool name this dog has. He seems like he should be the frontman for a heavy metal band or something!

You would think he was a rock star if you saw how much he pays for his little drug habit :)
But hey, seeing him happy, full of energy, and maintaining a healthy appetite is totally worth it! Your donations and t-shirt purchases certainly help as well! THANK YOU! I really can't say it enough.

Hoping for great news at his next visit. (Oct 15) Go Skelly!


  1. I never, ever gets tired of seeing Skelly's happy, smiling face! Oh, and I wanted to tell you that you might ask your local humane society or rescue if they would like your empty pill bottles. Not something you'd think they'd need but ours are really grateful for them.

    Mayzie's mom

  2. I love ,love ,love that wacky dog!! :)
    And you too .

    Love yo Mama

  3. We are so happy that Skelly is doing so well! We hope that the next visit will be a good one.

    And for the empties - you could use them to store tiny things in - but I really am not sure specifically what.

  4. I feel so bad that I can't donate anything at this time. One day someone will hopefully finally hire me and when that day comes, I will most definitely help out.

    Your boneyard of empty bottles looks like my father's collection. Some of his are full and some are empty. I don't know why he saves the empty ones either.

  5. Oh beautiful and wonderful Skelly! What can I say - thank you so much Wesley and all the people there helping him and the vets for fighting this little scamp's corner! :-) He is so worth it! I have everything crossed for good news on his next vet's visit!

    Take care

  6. Hi Skelly,

    Glad you are doing so well. My mom and I are hoping for a good vet visit for you in a couple weeks....we like the video of you terrorizing the cat, how fun to see you having fun with him!

    Kirby and his mom


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