Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bad Doggie Alert: That is NOT a chew toy!

Strangely enough the long weekend didn't allow for much time to clean up the house! It looks like a tornado hit this place!

This is bad news for everybody but Skeletor. He's surrounded by a veritable smorgasbord of items to chew on. 

This morning, I heard him chomping happily on something behind the couch. Lo, and behold, it was some poor sap's belt. Skelly No!!  Later on, I look down to see what he's doing and much to my horror, he was munching on a blue ink pen!

I've been liberally applying oxy clean, resolve, and whatever else I can find. As I expected, ink is a pretty tough stain to get out of carpet!

Why was there an ink pen on the floor? That's a good question. :(

The good news is that he's acting healthy enough to cause such destruction. I've learned that his behavior, appetite, and attitude seem to be a direct indicator of his current level of illness. At least that's what I keep telling myself as I repeatedly scrub, mop, wipe, spray, etc...

On the fund raising front, I've got a medium sized Skelly Threads Heart and Crossbones Tee Shirt on eBay. This auction is ending tomorrow!

Here's a new Skeletor dog trick video

Here's another video I happened upon...

I just got a phone that actually records video.. I think this could mean more frequent and perhaps higher quality skelly vids!


  1. Well, if you would stop using that beef-flavored ink...


  2. What a good boy! And it's obvious how much Skelly loves you, Wes :)

  3. Well, if you were in our house it wouldn't be a surprise that the pen was on the floor - the cats adore playing with them. But there, hm, not really sure! But if it makes you feel better, the cats like to try and chomp on belts too - so Skelly isn't that unusual in his choices at least!!

  4. I would listen to Jack -

    He knows his stuff!


  5. Skelly!!! You have a beautiful smile when you're sleeping!!BOL!!


  6. Haha,
    The sleeping dog isn't skelly, but does look very similar :)

  7. Awww Skelly is being very adventurous!! That is good news!! Not for you though having to clean up after him, oh dear!! And well done Skelly for knowing how to lay down and come over! LOL!!

    I love that snoring doggy! LOL!
    Good luck with the ebay sale!

    Take care

  8. Wow Skelly, you totally rock that roll-over trick!! SUPERSTAR!!!

  9. My smaller chihuahua snores very loudly and it always amazes me that such a such a small animal can make such a loud noise.

    Good luck with the Ebay auction!


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