Wednesday, September 15, 2010

At the vet...

Hoping for good news. Let's find out!

[UPDATE] - The results are in!

Dr. Fish has moved to the Keys, so Dr. Chick is taking over as Skelly's primary care provider.

The great news is Skeletor's weight. This hulking beast tipped the scales at 60.5 lbs today!

Skelly's friends at San Juan Animal Hospital were quite happy to see him! The nice vet tech took him for a tour of the hospital to see all his buddies. She said he was the most friendly dog ever :)

Skeletor was also thrilled to see his old pal, the jar of treats!

Dr. Chick said that we he no longer needs to gain any weight. He also said that he could not hear a bad murmur in Skelly's heart. Granted, Skeletor was wagging his tail and panting like a maniac from the sheer excitement of going to the vet, so it was understandably hard to hear.

The neutral news is that his blood has not improved. I say neutral, because it's not any worse either. Skeletor's red cell count is hovering at 36.49%. His white cells are at 28.4% which is a little elevated from the normal range. His platelets are up to normal levels :)

His anemia, while mild, is still persisting. I suppose the condition of his blood is a common side effect of the heartworm disease.

I have been instructed to keep him on his full dose of Vetmedin (7.5mg 2x/day), keep him on the current regiment of Prednisone (10mg 2x/day), and stop when I run out of Doxycycline in about 3 or 4 days.

He could still benefit from the Viagra if only there was a way to obtain it for pennies on the dollar.

I guess that means no more super fattening dog soup for Skelly. Perhaps we'll cut back to 2 or 3 meals a day and see if we can maintain his current awe inspiring weight of 60lbs!!!

I should note that when I was putting his harness on, it was WAY too tight. I had to take it off and make it bigger haha.

As long as his condition doesn't deteriorate, we're scheduled for another visit one month from today. I'm going to call Dr. Chick and see if it would be ok to take Skelly for a short calm walk a couple times a week. I'm sure he's going nuts cooped up in this house all day.


  1. Glad to hear the weight is at a good place. Hopefully, next month the blood work will improve as well.

  2. Oh it's better news, better!! Well done Skelly!! You are a sweet and wonderful doggie!! I'm so sorry about the viagra meds - it's amazingly expensive but would really help Skelly ! :-(

    Nevermind - he is doing ok is Skelly!! Thank you so much Wesley everyone there looking out for him!

    Take care

  3. I like how his Drs. have animal names - Fish and Chick.

    Excellent progress report, Skelly!

  4. Laughing at Sprinkles. Fish and Chick, lol.

    Keep on getting strong Skells.

  5. Yay Skelly!! You don't need no stinkin' viagra! You are studly enough already!!!


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