Friday, June 4, 2010

A successful escape attempt, a friendly mail carrier and one very uncomfortable realtor

Here's an interesting story for ya...

Today just after lunch it started raining really hard outside. I noticed Skeletor was taking notice in the rain, so I opened the front door and securely shut the screen. Being the super nice guy that I am, I even dragged Skelly's bed in front of the door so he could lay down and check out the rain in comfort.

He wasn't quite as interested as I thought he would be, but he did spend a little time checking out the view.

There I was minding my own business working on the computer and Skelly began freaking out. Apparently somebody was coming up to the door.

I walked over there and this guy was saying something like "Whew! Good thing that's a friendly dog..." I grabbed Skeletor by his collar and listened to the guy explain something about an open house down the street.

"Yeah ok great thanks... " So the man turns around to leave after hanging a flyer on the door handle. I hold on to the dog until I think he's sufficiently calm. I pull on the screen to make sure it's closed and I sit back down in my chair.

Skeletor had other plans. He immediately pushed the "securely latched" screen door open and bolts for it.

I just barely missed his tail as he slithered out the closing screen door.

The guy and I both try to get close to Skeletor who increases his speed just enough to stay out of flying tackle reach.

The poor guy is apologizing profusely the entire time.

I picked up my trot to about as fast as I could run in my flip-flops through neighbors wet grass. These particular flip flops are made of leather... as they got wetter, they got much more slippery and there was no way I was going to catch him without leaving them behind.

Bah! I gave up. I shook my fist at the little frolicking jerk and drug my feet back home.

After I sat down at my desk my cell phone rings.

"Hello, this is your mail carrier. I found your dog."

"Oh wow! Thanks so much. I'll jump on my bike and be there in a second."

I grabbed the leash, saddled up and hauled ass a couple blocks down. There she was standing with a neighbor in the driveway. The spoiled little punk was just living it up getting all sorts of attention from the 2 nice ladies.

That dog is sooo lucky he's so darn friendly and cute!

Oh... and it looks like Insano is exacting his revenge against Skeletor for eating up all his food!


  1. Haha! They always manage to mess with us, don't they!

  2. Maybe he is planning a surprise anniversary party with your neighbors and just remembered something he needed to tell them!


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