Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About to go for a walk

I was just getting ready to take Skelly out for a walk and for some reason I pulled up the post about his first day in our care.


Holy crap.. the dog in those photos looks so foreign to me. This pup has come so far!

I know I promised a vet visit last week, but I'm afraid it's going to have to wait until my budget materializes. I've done the work and delivered the products... I wish certain offending clients would cough up the dough!

I doubt any of my customers read Skelly's blog, but if you do, don't make me send my vicious pit bull after yo ass!

Anyways, here's a video and we're out of here!


  1. Oh Yeah, lookin good Skelly! Can't really call him Skeltor anymore :)

    Those clients better pay up soon or you will have to visit them with Skelly in tow just to make sure they get the picture........you could offer to leave him unattended in their offices as the bill collector.
    Did you remember the doddy bag this time I hope, lol
    love ya all xoxoxxo

  2. Humans and their silly khwestions!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  3. Jack waits until he sees if I'm using the collar or the harness to decide if he wants to join me on his walk. He's not too excited about the harness :)

  4. Ha ha , I kept waiting for you to utter the famous words "Wanna go bye bye?!"
    But you never did. That makes the build up to the walk THAT much more exciting!

    He does look fabulous. I hope those deadbeats pay up so he can get back to the vet.

    Surely your brother was joking when he just told me "Skelly chews up everything he can get his teeth on. " lol

    Love Mom

  5. My little chi, Chico, LOVES to go for walks but my big chi, Shiver hates it. Hope you didn't forget your baggies this time!

    I don't know, Skelly is too loveable to be scared of!

  6. I actually remembered the dog bags! (Of course I was outside of the house when I remembered them.)

    Rather than drag Skelly and Sophie back inside I thought I'd be an innovator and hook Skelly's leash on the inside of the door handle while I ran inside for the bags.

    What do ya know? The leash didn't catch, he pulled the leash through the door and when I got back outside (mere seconds later) there was already a scared little kid stopped on his bike, Sophie barking at 2 other people, and Skeletor right in the scared kid's face waiting for acknowledgment.

    Go figure... leave the dogs unattended for 5 seconds and a parade of passersby appears!

  7. Awwwww Skelly wants to go walkies!! And loves it!! LOL!
    What a bundle of boundless energy!!
    Go Skelly!

    And good luck with getting the pay for your merchandise! Although Skelly's pic is far too cute to use as erm.. leverage. LOL!

    take care

  8. He is absolutely amazing; I cannot believe the transformation.
    Ya'll are truely heros.

  9. It is so amazing that he is so much better - you really have done a great job with him.

    And we hope those clients pay up soon - though I get the whole needing to put stuff off thing.

    And really - could you type "vicious pit bull" and keep a straight face knowing you were talking about Skelly?


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