Monday, June 28, 2010

I love the smell of liver in the morning (not)

Skelly's last visit to the vet showed a slight drop in red cell count. I've received many suggestions about feeding him various kinds of meat, so I asked Dr. Fish what he might suggest. He said to go ahead and cook it, but liver might help with Skeletor's anemia. He then added... "if you can handle the smell."

I remember eating liver as a kid. (Completely against my will, mind you) I was NOT a picky eater growing up. Among my fondest memories is hearing other kids refer to me as "fatty four eyes" and such. Be that as it may... as much of a walking garbage disposal as I was, liver absolutely repulsed me. Liver and gizzards were the only things you couldn't get my fat ass to eat.

But I digress!

So, imagining the sweet aroma of pan-fried liver, I was hesitant to run out and pick it up from the grocer. In fact, I am not sure I had even seriously considered doing it. However, Kim returned home a couple of days later with a whole assortment of meats that many might not consider to be meant for human consumption. Yay.

We've got beef liver, smoked ham hocks and chicken liver!

I busted out the beef liver and split it into portion sizes to be frozen. Just about every morning for the past week, I've been cookin it up for Skelly to mix in with his dry food.

That is one lucky, lovable mutt!

Here's another installment in Skelly's training vids. Enjoy!


  1. Got to Love Liver (LOL) !
    Dogs go crazy for it, me not so much! He is doing such a great job with training.

  2. Hey,
    As a person with chronic anemia (because I don't eat meat), in my research to find better sources of dietary iron, I've learned that organ meets in general are one of the best sources. I say this because I know you can buy freeze dried lamb and cow lung. I'm not sure what the process of freeze drying does to the nutritional content but it may be worth a try to avoid the smell of frying liver in the morning. The products that me and my dogs prefer are by an American company called Merrick. You can find their website at

  3. I have to say I was lucky - my dad hated liver, hated the smell, so I never had to eat it (though my mom loved it, she only got it at restaurants, so as to not bother my dad with the smell even). I tried it once when she had it - never again. If worse came to worse maybe that would be a way to go - get him some take out!

    And honestly it does make sense - it is gross but it makes sense - it is high in iron (at least that is what they told us all the time!)

  4. Hello, We are New Followers to your blog! I can't believe someone could do this to poor Skeletor. Liver is very good for him, I feed my 5 dogs liver once a week! Raw Marrow bones would be great for him, the marrow is really good inside them. Any raw meat would help him. Did you ever look into feeding the raw diet? Just a suggestion, it is very good for them but can become costly if you are feeding more than one dog. If you get a chance check us out at

  5. Wow ! I'm so impressed at how well his training is going!

    BTW ,I tried to pass off liver as something else ,but I never forced you guys to eat it. I loathe it myself :)

    Love Mom

  6. Skelly is filling out nicely. He has come a long way since you first rescued him.

  7. I remember my mom cooking up liver as a kid and I think she was the only one who actually liked it so fortunately, we didn't have it very often at all.

    Skells is looking so good!

  8. Liver and gizzards and ham hocks, oh my!

    I'm guessing Skelly's loving all of these and more!! Good luck with getting his red cells up. He's looking so lovely - I love the clip of him laying down to get his biscuit - such a good sweet doggy - well done you and Kim! and Yay Skelly!

    take care

  9. Alright, you can stop trying to fool us all with that "Apply to Adopt Skelator" button at the top of your blog. That boy is 100% yours. Have you ever seen a dog look at anyone with more adoration than Skelly looks at Wes? Nope. Can't be found. :-P

    Button be gone!!!

  10. Fry that liver in cast iron, cook anything and everything you feed him that's cooked in a cast iron pan, cast iron adds lots of iron to the cooked food! If only I could send you some of our well water, turns everything porcelain in the house red there is so much iron in it (forget about white clothes, all turned redish from the water).

    I agree, drop the button already, Skelly is obviously home for good.

    LOL about the beach adventure, I live on an island and wetdog spot (decorated with many shakes) sand infused car is just how it is. Is there anyplace you can off leash safely at the beach? If he sees you actually swimming in the water he will learn to swim pronto, it's automatic reaction, natural swimmers but please be very careful of K9's inhaling salt water. Salt water in the lungs can literally kill your dog in minutes.
    Neutering on the agenda soon?
    Thank You so much for sticking with Skelly and woot woot on the awesome stay!

  11. You know he would probably like it just as well if it was raw... and you would spare yourself the smell! I feed my cats a raw diet and include raw liver every now and then. They love it! Just a thought ;)


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