Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bad Doggie Alert: Local dog bites off more than he should chew

Well well well,

It seems that Skelly has a vendetta against his aunty Kim. First, he decided to turn her red shoe into a toy, which she wasn't too steamed about. He actually tossed this red shoe so high that it hit our vaulted ceilings, which we thought was pretty crazy! It's fortunately more of a slipper, otherwise it could do some damage!

So then the real crime was committed. The other day while Kim was at work, Ian and I were doing some work around the house and he noticed that something very expensive had been chewed up. The item in question was Kim's purse.

I wouldn't presume to know the first thing about purse brands, but this particular handbag was made by Doonie & Burke and was a gift from Kim's step mom. (sounds pricey)

Skeletor couldn't resist the delicious leather seams and handles... mmmmmm!

Of course nobody witnessed the crime, so there's nothing we can do but slap our foreheads and hope he keeps them jaws under control.

The good news is that Skelly has put on 2 lbs since his last visit to the vet. The bad news is that he lost a couple percent points worth of red blood cells.

He's very slightly anemic and Dr. Fish has put him back on the meds. He's taking 2 Doxycyclene and 1 Predinizone each day. Kim just picked up his anti-biotics. He's a pill poppin' maniac and getting stronger every day.

Here's a video of how super brave he is around the carpet shampooer... 

Here's a video showcasing his amazing sit and stay skills...


  1. Bitter Apple, my friends! Bitter Apple! As my boy had a chewing addiction as well that focused on expensive leather left shoes. I found that one taste of the Bitter Apple and he quickly saw the error of his way.

    Good luck with the explanation of the demise of the Doonie & Burke.

  2. Wow! Very impressive on the sit/stay progress. The real test will be if he can do that at the vets. lol

    Bad boy on the dooney purse. Those are frekin' expensive. Maybe Skeletor is trying to teach people all about the errors of clutter . :)

    Love Mom

  3. OH WOW!!! He can sit and wait for his biscuit!! That's really really really good!! Oh he is a GOOD DOGGIE!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Kim's chewed up purse. Oooops. Errr... can't really say anything more than erm... hopefully he's had his fill of designer stuff now. :-)

    I hope the anemia isn't too serious. Good luck with all the pill popping. Great to know he's gaining weight and he LOOKS ever so good.

    And of course he is super brave! He's showed that carpet cleaning monster!
    Take care

  4. He is finally making progress on "lay down".
    That has proven to be a tough one!

  5. Very impressive sit - stay - come...not such a good boy with the Dooney Bag. My sister's dog ate her Louis Vitton Bag. He does not like it when she goes out of town! LOL He is also a rescue dog.

    Keep up the great work with Skelly. He is a beauty.

  6. I wish I could say Bitter Apple worked for me, but it didn't. I think it just added an extra dimension! :) Besides, I don't think you can spray all your leather things with bitter apple! The people riding next to you in the elevator might wonder what's going on! :)

  7. Oh not a Dooney bag!
    Those are my favorite; I would have just cried.

    But Bravo! on the sit and stay!

  8. I used to have a dog who would follow me going from room to room while I vacuumed. I guess she just wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly!

    Can I send my dogs over to you to be trained? They could use some work and you can use Skelly as an example of how they're supposed to behave!

    Yikes, good luck telling Kim that Skells chewed up her purse!

  9. We haven't been over to see Skelly for a while and are delighted he is doing s well. Hope the red blood cell count isn't anything to worry about.
    Re the chewing? Oh dear!

  10. Ditto Milo and Alfie. Fingers crossed for improved red cell counts soon!

  11. The bombproof anti chewing tool is tea tree oil. just add TINY drops to the bitter apple or apply directly to inside of item. Also works perfect for after care with surgeries or any injuries (no need for a cone). NEVER apply any essential oil directly to animals body but a few drops of tea tree oil into the bitter apple or vinegar and water spray will work like a charm. It is a natural antiseptic and man oh man do animals HATE the smell.


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