Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update: enroute to the vet

Skelly has not eaten much at all today. He finally showed signs of appetite in the waiting room playing vacuum cleaner.

His ailment certainly didn't hamper his social disposition. He was saying hi at the top of his lungs when 2 mild mannered pooches walked into the waiting room.


  1. Paws khrossed it is just one of those UTI's -

    They khan khause all those symptoms and side effekhts -


  2. Oh please get well Skelly!!

    Take care

  3. My chi's like to yell hi at the top of their lungs at the vet's office too. Shiver isn't so bad about it but Chico barks at anything that moves which makes Shiver holler too.

    Hoping all goes well at the vet's office. I'm so scared for Skelly right now!


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