Thursday, July 15, 2010

This just in: Local dog actually eats dog food

Fed up with feeding time fuss, and convinced that there must be a dog food out there that this picky punk will actually eat, I broke down and visited petsmart this morning.

I picked out 3 different small bags of dry food for this jerk to sample. Surely one of them is edible! I even got some "dog gravy", a new wubba and a frisbee. The squeaky wheel gets the grease eh?

Sixty dollars later, I wheeled the assortment out to the car. Here are the contenders...

1. Purina Beneful - Salmon Flavor
2. Purina Pro Plan - Shredded Blend with Beef and Rice
3. Iams Proactive Health - Large Breed Puppy

First, I fed him some of the Beneful. He didn't even acknowledge it as food. I poured some of the dog gravy on top and mixed it in. He picked away a bit, but really could care less. Later on, I opened up the bag of Pro Plan. Skeletor actually likes this stuff. It's got weird looking chunks of shredded "meat" inside. I am completely astonished that this dog is eating dry food!

Have not yet opened the Iam's, but will report the findings when I do.

*huge sigh of relief*


  1. Is it weird that I am really interested in seeing the werid shredded meat in the Pro Plan? And isn't it such a great feeling when you finally find one they like - just keep in mind that pets are tricky - they will change things up sometimes (our cat Floyd would adore something one day, then the next not go near it - and then a few weeks later we would try again and it would be like he never hated it). It will be good if you can find 2 he likes to trade off when he gets tired of one (or if you are lucky you will find one of those rare ones that he just will always love, but I have thought that in the past and then been disapointed).

  2. Luckily we haven't run into that yet. But we've started putting a very very tiny amount of turkey or chicken in the bowl just to add some smell. It seems to do the trick.
    We get the sliced turkey at the deli and tear apart about a 1 inch square (yes, that tiny) into the bowl!

  3. Awww Skelly has a discerning pallet! LOL! Glad he ate one of the yummy food you got him though! Well done you and Skelly!

    Take care

  4. I'm lucky, my boys get Iams Mini Chunks and they seem happy with it.

    My parents have a beagle who is a picky eater. He'll like something for awhile and then he'll change his mind and decide he doesn't like it anymore. My parents are always having to try new foods for him.

  5. Just like kids. You never know what flavor will float their boat!

  6. That's because Beneful isn't food! Skeletor isn't stupid. But he's one lucky fella to have found people who love him so much!

  7. Lots of people are hatin' on Beneful. I thought the salmon flavor would be appealing. Not so much! Pro plan is Skelly's fave. Give it a try!

  8. OK, this sounds really weird but to get Fenris to eat his dry dog food I sometimes have to feed it to him by hand one kibble at at time.


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