Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dangerous foods for dogs, corny dog food surprise!

This just in... corn was perhaps not such a great idea.

I spent the better half of my morning cleaning up Skelly's crate and the surrounding carpet.
Apparently that corn upset his stomach and he painted the area liberally with corny dog food surprise.

Upon doing a little bit of research on the topic, I've determined that you should never feed your dog anything... ever.

Check out this link haha


  1. Yeah, that is a big list of stuff. The cat list is super long too. It makes you wonder if there really is anything they can be eating. Corn is tough for people to digest so I guess it makes sense he would have a hard time too. What about gravy - like a tasty canned gravy on top of his kibble? And yes I know that tasty canned gravy is really not possible to humans, but dogs are much more open minded. Just make sure it doesn't contain any corn.

  2. LOL. You know, for creatures that choose to drink from toilets, eat from garbage cans, and cat litter boxes, they sure have delicate systems. Go figure!

  3. haha! Milly and Shelby get ahold of all sorts of things they shouldn't have. Apparently Milly has developed a stomach of steel... Shelby, not so much. Good luck with the clean up!

  4. I like that the list included tobacco products!! Oh dear!

    Awwww poor Skelly - I hope he is better now. Doggies and Kitties (and non- bi-peds in general!) have such a different digestive system you really have to be careful!

    Hope all is ok now though! Take care

  5. Poor Skells! I don't digest corn very well either. Within a half hour of eating it, I'm on the toilet with diarrhea for the next day or two. Yes, TMI - sorry! People always tell me that no one digests it very well. Well, I really don't! Hope his tummy is back to normal and you got the mess all cleaned up.


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